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First Grow 2 White Widow 1 Mama Mia Indoor Soil 2 1000 LED 2018

Big Sparks

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It always seems to take them forever to grow, but it usually only because we get so excited about growing them that we are in there looking at them every free chance I get! Well, maybe that's just me. Try leaving them for 2-3 days at a time, in between waterings. Or, just post plenty of pictures here and you can always go back and compare. Things look good. Takes clones. Then you'll always have plants in all different stages of life and they'll almost grow you out of house and home, ya know. You won't think they're growing slow then. You'll be too busy going "nooooooo....slow down! Where am I going to put these!"


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This morning was feeding day I mixed week 4 feeding again full strength just like last week lets see if we get the same big growth jump again I measured the mama mia was about 10 inches tall before I did some bending the white widow is now over 6 so they have both gained since I measured them last I have a couple pics when lights were out after I lst mama mia ph feed at 6.7 mama mia was over 13 inches wide also before bend


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Hi Mushie,
I’m on my second grow of White Widow, and with each grow they have reached my Veg height needs, 13” high, within 35 days. Once flipped to flowering, they can reach up to 36” tall.
I’m using a LED 600W, soil, using the 18/6 and 12/12 light schedules.

I keep the light 24” away during veg cycle, which had been slowly lowered to that height, once the first feeding schedule had started.

From my little bit of experience, I have found that cold can and will stunt growth, along with the light being too far away.

Hope this helps a bit with your concern over the height of your babies :)


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Thank you for the information I have trained her she is about 10 inches around and over 6 inches at its tallest I know that it was stunted I did not have the best air flow in the beginning and the temperature stayed a little to high since I have put the filter in the plants have done a lot better it seems they have both hit a growth spurt


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Went and watered this morning and picked some leaves off both the girls thinking maybe it might promote some more growth so we shall see what happens I really did not take that much off either one of them while picking around on them I was able to find a couple cutting off the white widow and one off the mama mia that I was willing to take off and try to get them to root so now I am trying to clone so lets see how that goes because I am not set up for this yet here are some pics after I picked on the girls a little bit
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