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First grow 2x 8 Ball Kush - Need advice and tips please!


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Hello people just signed up today and super excited to mix with you all and learn some more!

Basically I'm posting because I'd like reviews of my current set up so that I can improve it as much as possible. I will post some piccies at the bottom of this post for you all to see :) It's a closet grow in a pretty tight but tall space, and I'm currently using a Viparspectra LED light along with 4x 40W cfl bulbs to light up the space. My plants were started in small pots in organic compost and have both now been moved into their final pots for the rest of my grow. My 2 week old plant is in a pot made up of 2/3 organic compost 1/3 horticultural grit (using as a substitute for perlite to improve drainage and oxygen flow) and seems pretty happy at the moment with no signs of problems to my knowledge. My second plant has just been moved into her final pot made up of 2/4 organic compost 1/4 horse manure compost (from local farmer) and 1/4 horticultural grit. Adding the portion of manure compost was just an experimental idea of mine at the time. Let me know if you think it was a good one or not!

I have so many questions but will try to narrow them down...

I started with 4 seeds of this strain, 1 germinated and sprouted but never got any further and the other rotted after i planted it. I'm not dissapointed with this at all because its just a learning process at the end of the day. However my 2 remaining girls seem to be happy at the moment so thats good!
First major question: My 1.5 week old plant seems to have a couple wavy leaves (see the photos below). They are sort of zig zagging and i cant find any solid diagnosis for this anywhere, as its quite hard to describe. Let me know what you think it is!
Second question: What do you think of my set up? Is my lighting ok? is it overkill? i have a small 14W grow LED panel that is lying about that i could also install as a supplement red light emitter to go with the viparspectra and cfl's. The more light the better or? I will be installing a fan very soon to strengthen my plants.
The average temperature in there with the door shut is around 23 degrees celcius. However everyday i open the window and closet door to allow fresh air into the room. This brings the temperature down to about 21. humidity in my closet sits firmly at 40% but i have recently been spraying the air inside with water until my humidity meter reads 60%. I water with rain water and adjust ph to around 6.
Third question: I have the general hydroponics trio ready to use when necessary. When do you guys think that will be judging by what i have potted my plants in? do you think it will be about a month till i need to top up my nutrients ?
Like I said I have loads of questions but I'll leave it there for now, don't want to be overwhelming. Pretty much just after some guidance! Don't hold back from being brutal either, if there's something very wrong with my set up I need to fix it immediately!
Thanks in advance!


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Welcome. What size led do you have? This is basically the setup I have. I run a 300w Vipar with 4 100w cfls. As far as your leaf deformity, it could be genetics or the leaf got damaged or was already damaged at that node win it formed. The others looked fine on the same plant. What type of soil are you using? That would determine when you really need to feed. I start with ffof which has worm castings and bat guano. I also so add extra worm castings as it doesnt hurt the plant any, just a little extra food. However, i do add more perlite to the mix because the worm castings are dense and i like the roots to move easily through the soil. I don't feed mine until flower. Streight Phd water until flower. Here is an example of what to expect.
Here is a link to my latest grow. The people on here got me to where I am in my growing and I know we can help you. I've subbed up and can't wait to see who it grows.
New Grow -.New Light - New Room


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Took a look at your thread and read the whole thing! Your plants are looking super sweet! Awesome to start following a grow thats similar to mine and I'll use it for guidance so thanks :) thanks for the thread follow and reply!


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I'm using the Viparspectra 450W because I heard the veg and bloom switches could be useful, and I guess I just had some spending money to use up! As for soil, they are both potted in organic compost mixed with horticultural grit. I picked the compost up from my mother (who's been a serious gardener for the best part of 40 years) and she told me it was ideal for almost all plants, although I do appreciate that marijuana plants can be sensitive. My youngest plant also has a portion of horse manure compost mixed in purely for experimental reasons. I'll make sure to look up and read about those supplements :) can't Believe i started this grow with a 14w LED panel haha. Reckon I should hook it up as a supplement light or is the vipar and 4 cfl bulbs enough?
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