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First Grow - 2x4 - Indoor - LED - Soil - Multiple Strains


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Hi All!

Been a lurker for a little while, but this will be my first post! I do a lot of gardening at home (lettuce, kale, herbs, fruit trees, etc.) but I just recently got my card and started growing right away.

Indoor tent: Virtual Sun Hydroponics 2x4
Lighting: TopLED Mars II 80x5w
Soil: Supersoil (2 of the later plants got half Supersoil half generic brand we had sitting around in the garage)
Nutrients: Fox Farm Trio + Earth Juice Hi-Brix
Strains: Atomic Northern Lights (planted 9-20), Platinum GSC(planted 9-20), THC Bomb(planted 10-7) and SSH Auto-fems(planted 10-16)
Training: LST on the ANL & PGSC, Topping on the THC Bomb, considering LST on the SSH

I tried to minimize my investment in this indoor grow since I plan on growing outdoors when the season rolls up again. I went with the LED light mainly to save money on the electricity bill, and because I've watched a few journals with great success with this light.

My first 2 plants were Atomic Northern Lights and Platinum GSC, but I thought I could accommodate a little more so I planted a THC bomb. Then.. I thought I could handle a little more so I planted 3 more SSH Auto-fems. I realize now that I got a little over-ambitious since my tent is getting a little crowded. I had to take the THC bomb out and plant it outside (praying for Cali weather to hold up for 8-10 more weeks), and my tent is still crowded!

The ANL and PGSC were both flipped on 10-20, and are starting to bud up quite nicely. The ANL definitely grew a lot stronger than the PGSC, but I flipped them at the same time for convenience. This of course is a little awkward to do in a tent since the SSH run on 20/4 schedules and the ANL and PGSC run on 12/12, so I have to take them out of the tent every night and put them into lightproof containers. I may have to leave for a few weeks for business soon, so I'm hoping that my friends will help me out :helpsmilie: hahaha.

When I'm home on the weekends I take the plants out into the backyard for some good ol' sunshine. Unfortunately my backyard only gets light from around 10-11AM till 3-4PM, but you can't beat the sun right? This is them after I took them out for some watering and I'm letting them sunbathe for a while.

Without further ado, here are the pics!


SSH #1, the biggest one by far (the one planted in only Supersoil, guess I learned my lesson about skimping on that)

SSH #2

SSH #3

All 3 of the SSH in their 5gal Smartpots

Platinum GSC

Platinum GSC

Atomic Northern Lights

Atomic Northern Lights

Atomic Northern Lights

My little THC bomb that I hope stays alive!

THC Bomb

(We're doing construction at my house if you're wondering why there's a visible parts of my sewage system hah)

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