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First Grow - 340W CFL Tent


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I have just started my first grow, it started realy bad and 2 of my 3 clones died. Now I still got one and I have planted two bag seeds.
I hope this grow log will help me learn even more from you guys :D I have been reading a lot of the stuff on the forum and there realy is some knowlegable people here, and I hope to benefit even more from that from now on :D
Sorry for the english its not my first language hehe.

What strain is it?OG kush and two different bag seeds
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid, I guess
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Veg... For how long? OG is a clone and bag seeds was planted 3 september.
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor, 60x60x170cm Secret Jardeen tent.
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Perlite and standard garden soil.
If soil... What size pot? Not sure, small :p
Size of light? 250w at 2700k and 45w x 2 at 4000k
Is it aircooled? 1 exhaust fant connected to carbon filter and 2 small fans for circulation
Temp of Room/cab? 22-30°c
RH of Room/cab? 25-45
PH of media or res? 6.2-64
Any Pests ? Nope
How often are you watering? 2-3 days
Type and strength of ferts used? Bio Bloom, Bio grow, Bio Heaven , Top Max and Root Juice all from BioBizz.

Picture of the tent

OG Kush clone

Newer growth is much greener :D

Bag seed 1

Bag seed 2 aka Repot


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I water both bagseeds today first I watered number 1 with water and 1ml Root Juice and a PH of 6,6. The run off tested at about 6, and since thats a bit low I watered number 2 with 6,8 but the PH still came out at 6. They still seem happy so Ill just wait for next watering to water with a higher PH.

One question have anyone used EC meters with µS measurement. I have tested this but I dont get it, my readings for today was Bagseed 1 got watered with 147µS water and the run off tested 700µS. Bagseed 2 (Repot) got watered with 145 and the run off tested 860. Are these normal readings? I have read somewhere that over 700 is bad, but my plants got no nute burns :S And they are pretty small so they should have showed signs.


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Hope she will :D The OG got some strange coloring, seems a bit dark green and droopy. That could be because the other pot was to small and it just has been repotted. I hope she looks fresh and ready tomorrow.
The other bag seed is a bit shorter than bag seed 1 because they both started out in the same pot. So bag seed number 2 (Repot) got burried a little deeper when placed in the new pot. :)


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Everything seems to be fine here are some pictures and the last PH and PPM readings. Pictures are from today.

OG Clone
Date of reading: 20.sep
PH in: 6.8
PH out: 6
PPM in: 100
PPM out: 880 (New pot)

Date of reading: 22.Sep
PH in: 6.7
PH out: 6.1
PPM in: 365
PPM out: 413

Bag Seed
Date of reading: 22.Sep
PH in: 6.7
PH out: 6.5
PPM in: 365
PPM out:445



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Water I used was 6,5PH and 300ppm. 1ml for every litre water of both Bio Heaven and Bio Grow.

OG: 6,6PH 400ppm

Bag seed: 6,4PH 400ppm

Repot: 6,5PH 420ppm

Does my plants look healty?
Is 400ppm enough for them? I havent seen any nute burns and when I watered after repot the ppm was 900. So should I increase the amount of nutes?


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I think I got potassium deficiency!

I watered today with water mixed with BioGrow and Bio heaven 1ml each litre of water the PH was 6.5 and 300 ppm, my tap water is about 60 ppm.

The run off tested at PH 6.4 and 360 ppm.

And I noticed this!

This picture was taken 2 october

Last 3 times I watered

4 October
Water had a PH of 6,4 and 520 ppm
Runoff had a PH of 6,4 and 570 ppm

6 October
Water had a PH of 6,6 and 61ppm
Runoff had a PH of 6,5 and 140 ppm

8 October
Water had a PH of 6,5 and 300 ppm
Runoff had a PH of 6,4 and 360 ppm
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