First Grow - 400W MH/HPS - Critical Kush & Dream Queen - Scrog

Re: First Grow 400w mh/hps Critical Kush and Dream Queen Scrog

Here again is my full list of supplements I am using for this grow if I haven't stated it yet, or if I have here it is again.

I am only using fox farm grow big and fox farm tiger bloom liquid nutrients and using them in doses specified in the fox farm soil watering schedule. My next grow I plan on purchasing cha-ching, beastie blooms, and open sesame in addition to these and maybe some kangaroots or microbe brew from fox farm. I might even purchase some of their sledgehammer flushing product just for future scrogs because I will have a hard time flushing this grow because I can't flush my buckets hard since they are unmovable now.

I used approx 1tsp non-sulfer molasses per gallon from the middle of my veg ever since. It also has some potassium in it which is great because that is the only nutrient I didn't supplement in my soil mix besides trace minerals.

My organic soil mix was.. (I used specific amounts of each based on a recipe that I divided to the amount of dirt I wanted to make for my 6 buckets) I am using normal happy frog with no mix for my bag seed dream queen.

1 big bag of fox farm ocean forest
1 big bag of happy frog
1 big bag of worm castings (1-0-0)
epsom salt (magnesium sulfer)
sweet lime (calcium and magnesium)
blood meal (12-0-0)
bone meal (2-12-0 + calcium)

only thing I couldnt find in my local store was azomite. Will use azomite volcanic ash next grow.

My critical kush clones that I Xplanted in soil are growing great. Topped them all at the 2nd leaf set, making them all 4 ways or aka making each plant have 4 tops now instead of 1 each.
Re: First Grow 400w mh/hps Critical Kush and Dream Queen Scrog

new 15$ fan coil heater I just got to use while my plants lights are on to keep the buckets and stems warm. So far its working perfect. Constant temps of 81 in the room and even heating. Wayy better than before :)

top shot of a dream queen

different top shot of another dream queen

the fastest maturing/budding dream queen.

all the dream queen day 51 (from 12/12 from seed)

critical kush random budding top shot

norma lighting random top shot (got it nice and focused. finally. gota lame phone)

all critical kush. day 74. day 22 of flower. (sorry its a little blurry, don't realize it until I upload them from my phone)
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so sadly i havent been updating with pictures. this is why.. my 400 hps hood is as close as can be to my scrog. with all these tops filling out, i cant get a picture of the whole room anymore BUT I CAN take individual cola shots and will start uploading some of those. At the end of my grow I will completely raise my hood (which sucks because its really heavy or else I would do it for a picture now) and get a nice picture of all the bud candy :)

will upload a picture of both rooms/strains bud progress shortly, some time later today.
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when you overwater, do leaves stay green and start to droop?
you can see in my pictures my 1 plant has droopy leaves, sadly, and i even burnt a couple leaves with my old heating setup, this was before, now I use a small fan to blow at my electric heater to disperse having a hot spot in one area. but on the good note i havent had a single problem with the other 5 plants. i feel like i am doin good for a first grow :)

i think i accidentally overwatered my smallest plant because i watered/fed them all the same amount. I should of did less since it was slightly smaller maybe idk. I guess I can still kinda lift the buckets just slightly to feel the water weight and i should of did this to start. I am skipping watering that single plant until it lightens up.
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thank you sir. the scrog was pretty fun besides it being time consuming. i think my 2nd grow though i am just going to train plants the same but just not use a screen. I think i can handle training them the same without a screen plus i can manage them much better.

i just realized too from those pics, i never really look at my balloons and i did just now lol, i guess the yeast werent liking it. my guess is because they are on the floor they are too cold, i shall try to insulate their bottoms. my room though by the yeast/co2 mechanism is about 75 degrees and its the yeast was fine inside my house before i took it out. if this works, im pretty sure that means most of the yeast population settles at the bottom of the containers. I know dead yeast settles at the bottom but not sure about alive yeast.
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ive been removing the tips from leaf blades on soon to be big leaves to stop them from gettin real big because theres so many tops i dont want them covered up.

trimming the leaf blade tips wont have any negative effects right during bud?
I just want each and every top to have its own couple inches of light.
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OK firstly going by those pics you still have some girls with new growth forming real low down near pots? Remove anything that aint gonna make your canopy, unless your doing a two part harvest? I know you stripped em once but these plants grow back quick so you have to keep a check on underside and keep stripping.
I defol all way through my girls life as and when I see fit. Again going by pics you could leave well enough alone on trimming. Just tuck any leaves away. You dont want to stunt her now and you want some good foliage also at this key point.

Just my humble stoned as granite thoughts!
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i actually have the hardest time reaching my back 3 plants, so i defoliated/remove lowerbranchin the front 3 good and just a little on the back 3. I might be able to get a few of them but, since i couldnt get them all i just figured id leave it.

cant i use those lower branches with little nugs at harvest as clones and reveg them?
i wish i could trim them but, i havent thought of a good solution if there even is one
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experimenting with some clones again. i think i will grow my next crop with clones instead of seeds because
1. i dont have to buy or use anymore of my seeds in the refrigerator
2. i want to see what a clone can do that has calyx/pistils that is reverted back to veg.
i've read alot about it but i'd rather learn hands on since i enjoy to grow.

i am pretty sure i just designed my ultimate cloning device lol. i will let you guys know how it works but im guessing 100% success rate as ive only gotten 100% on my last clone experiment. i am doing it the same way before. just clean water and low lumen lightning, no hormones or rooting products. only this time i just made the perfect super simple apparatus to do it. i realize some people use bubblers and other methods and/or rooting hormones, I am just assuming this might speed up the process but why waste the time, effort, and money on over doing something when u can clone as easily as placing a cutting in water and being patient. no matter what you need patience to grow good plants so why not start ur clones at the appropriate time and let them clone without buying things and over thinking things.

my design is as simple as this. i had some pieces of thin wire laying around. im sure u can find some wire or alternative at home though. then i got a safety pin and poked holes around the lip of a plastic solo cup. then i made a simple screen on the top of the cup from the wire. (you cant see the screen in my pictures because i only took pictures after i inserted the cuttings, sorry) the screen is just so the cuttings dont fall into the cup. i then filled the cup up with water right as close as possible to the screen and just inserted many cuttings to make a canopy covering the whole cup, shading the stems/roots. i feel like this idea was awesome enough to share and i got a feeling i will be cloning with this cup/screen for a long time.

anyone else clone with just clean water without dipping in hormones?

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my preflowers started around about the first of december this month. forgot to mark the exact day but i dont need to know because im going to harvest by using a 30x and 60x led loupe i just got to check trichomes. but i would estimate from preflower my critical kush are 21 days into flower. just starting to get covered in resin including close leaves. i cant see the crystals yet with my eye but it looks pretty covered with a 10x magnifier. so im guessin in the next few days i should start to see them get frosty.

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ive been misting my plants also because the RH is 20% or below. once my plants are closer to being done i am going to stop spraying them and let them finish with 20% or lower humidity. my humidity is so low because of taking in winter air from outside, my bulb, and my heaters.

heres a couple more random critical kush pictures. i like how thick the white pistls are. they are way thicker than the white pistils on my dream queen. even though i know they turn brown after but it looks cool either way. i dont know if thats a good sign or anything.

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here are some dream queen pictures. the first 2 pictures are my 4 good normal dream queens. i didnt take individual pictures of my other 2 plants with weak stems and mutant leaves although they are budding also and will produce decently. they just arent as fun to look at :p


here is all 6 dream queen in their room.


and here are just some close ups of 3 of the dream queen.








Re: First Grow 400w mh/hps Critical Kush and Dream Queen Scrog

Keep an eye on the buds when misting, make sure you aren't getting any rH spikes in the darkness, this could lead to PM which is definitely not wanted at this stage in bud development. Those tops are looking great crai... EDWARD SCISSORHASH! ;)
Keep up the great work buddy :Namaste:
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