First Grow - 400W MH/HPS - Critical Kush & Dream Queen - Scrog

Re: First Grow 400w mh/hps Critical Kush and Dream Queen Scrog

just cuz im new and learning, PM is powdery mildew right? aka mold? i was already aware of this but i appreciate you informing me regardless. i keep an eye on my RH everytime after I mist, I just mist while the lights are on and make sure it doesnt get over 30-40% im boosting it a total of about 20-30% cuz it is only usually <20% and i just dont want my leaves to dry up because i noticed one little patch in my scrog has really early stages of dried leaves so im just trying to be a good parent :p

in a couple weeks i plan on stopping misting as i have heard a low RH can stress a plant out just right to increase resin production. we will see :)
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Yes sir PM=powdery mildew. & Good thoughts, I would also be misting during lights on just wanted to bring it up because my tent soars really high rH wise at darkness. If you can get your hands on dry ice this works well to increase rH, I've heard of people boiling water even.. a towel hanging half way into a bowl of water will also raise rH. Humidifiers are also a good little investment which can be picked up for as low as 15 bucks, takes away from having to spray every morning and worrying about pm forming on the leaves. At the end of your girls life you can also turn off the lights for a good few days and leave them in darkness, I have seen resin production amplify quite abit with that technique also :)
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i would cut nitrogen out of feeds from now as your feeding them a bit much, thats whats causing the claw on the leaves, ive also been reading that over feeding can cause your plants to slow down while flowering

lookin good tho mukker
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@CA215 I will try the lights off at the end, i just actually read about that somewhere a couple days ago anyways, but since you also mentioned, ill give it a go.

@tm420 I just use 2 tsp of fox farm tiger bloom right now until i am done. I got organics of every main nute in the soil though. I found the curling on the edges of the leaves to be heat stress I believe.

Pictures ive seen of heatstress look like what i got. my leaves arent as dark green, they seem more bright yellow of a green and have curling edges and tips. Anyone want to confirm this for me please? Here is a pic. Also, since they got heat stress and are or should be producing resin right now, is this gonna really mess up these circled buds harvest? :helpsmilie: Ive noticed their pistil hairs are thinner and more afro like compared to a normal bud in the same room has white thick pistils and are more curly than straight and afro like

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by the way, after i seen that my leaves were yellowy and curly and i felt one and it seemed dry and brittle compared to a healthy one, i lifted my hood about another 2 inches. and got a little better circulation and im gonna leave my fan on med instead of low above my hood. but i know my humidity still just loves to be under 20% so im misting, am i gonna be able to keep these buds okay or what? im pretty scurred they are all dried up because they are the biggest buds and best developed in the room so i dont want them to die on me. i dont get why just a patch is dry but not other right under the hood.

also wanted to note, my pistils on the bud cola with all the dried leaves dont have burnt tips. only the leaves feel dried out. is this going to affect my bud is pretty much all i need to know. ive googled it about and know it is "stress" but does anyone have experience with this and know what woudl happen to these buds compared to my other ones? my pics dont look as heat stressed as other pics i see so im hoping they are okay lol. i dont need no problems this close to harvest!!!!!
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just a pic update. i really need some help please so someone give me their feedback. im going to repost my last pic of my grow room so you can compare it with now to see the light green/yellow spread i am having. ive been lifting my hood farther and farther, i just dont get how some tops can be lime green and some can be dark green side by side. seems like areas would be heat stressed not random spots ya know? does random spots happen too? maybe its not heat stress i dont know. all i know is i got about only 20-30 days left and im really nervous something can go wrong since they babies all arent dark green anymore. the last picture i have, is a top in the corner of my room, randomly and it is the only one, i havent touched it, it is all wilted and has dead leaves, really random and puzzling and freaking me out as well. i dont want this to be the beginning of watching somethin beautiful die.




by the way im at about day 27 of flowering for these scrog kush. although only 3 of them budding right away, 2 a little after, and the last one just started to bud in the front right.

does this look like a healthy producing grow for 27 days of flower? id appreciate some feedback on this. thanks
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Day 27 flower Ed, what are you feeding these girls? Tap/filtered water? Are you phing before you water?
What are you day/night time temps? rH?

hard to tell from the pictures so I am going to need a little more info to make an educated guess, but I am seeing some drooping with burnt tips, some dead leaves dying off from low to the top, correct?
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my RH is anywhere from <20-40% depends on the day from when i watered last. my temps are 70+. im not sure if my room has equal heat though, as its winter, and im using my 400w bulb + about 400-600w of heater to keep each room warm, so the closer to the bulb the warmer. at the farthest points in the corner of my screen, at screen height, my temp is 70 exactly where i set it. i dont think my temps are 90 or above in the middle. im using RO water and adding a tiny pinch of epsom salt in it with just tiger bloom and nonsulfer molasses wiht my feeds twice a week. i am pH'ing the water at 6.5

i think what the problem is with my yellowing leaves is that my intake air is winter air and theres no humidity, and i think i had that on too often. it was on periodically totalling 2 hours a day, i switched it to 1 hour a day with it only being on 4 times a day with 15 minute increments. kind of sucks not having CO2 but, i dont need my plants drying out either, that seems worse. in addition to lowering how much winter air i am bringing in, i lifted my hood about another inch or two, just incase it was too close and making them dry out worse too. it is definately a dryness problem i am having, but i cant tell if it is coldness or heat or a combination. i dont think my leaves are being able to transpire before they dry out is basically what i think is happening. but basically im just gonna keep doing whatever i can to make sure they dont get ugly in these last 14-24 days i have left estimated. THEN i have to figure out how im going to dry these without them stinking up my house or in a shed in the winter. either way sounds like a pain.

I am thinking of putting a heating meat in a rubbermaid tote and laying a wet rag/towel in their. so i got heat, humidity, and darkness. i was gonna keep the lid cracked. i will put the buds close enough or on the heating pad so they arent too hot or cold. this is all i need to dry correct? darkness? air ventilation? humidity? and a warm temperature correct?

ill take pictures here tonight, will probably be my last pictures before my harvest day pictures. my buds are starting to swell up nice, starting to smell great, and are really nice and crystally. all my dream queens are healthy and great, even the 2 mutant plants with weak stems and mutated leaves produced good bud. BUT i got more yellowing leaves on my critical kush scrog and i feel like whatever is damaging these leaves could be damaging buds as well or slowing development which stinks.
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uploading the dream queen pictures probably later tonight, forgot to take my camera out with me last night before i turned them off. then im just gonna take pictures once more with all of my plants at about harvest time.

all 12 of my plants (both rooms, scrog and regular) should all be harvested in 13-23 days. maybe a little longer for a couple plants that started to flower late.

also, should my buds pistils(hairs) be turning brown by now? because i hardly see any besides maybe a couple brown hairs anywhere.

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mhmhmmm buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudssssssssssssssss
these are from a couple days ago. they should be done any day, waiting for some more pistil browning and for those first amber trichs

i smoked a dried out popcorn bud i accidently dried out and made all the hairs orange and smoked one a week or so or go and it got me really high, and was smooth. i got a good feeling about my soon to be potency after actually finishing it and my smoothness after flushing and actual drying and curing. :)

whats a good target for how many days to dry. 1 week? 2 weeks?

ill be posting harvest pictures soon any day.

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I need some expert 420 advice from someone please. I researched the strain dream queen, the flowering times I found were approx 8 weeks/60 days. My critical kush strain i purchased stated the flowering time was 50-60 days (its 100% indica)

well.. i am like over 2 weeks i think, not sure exactly but same point nonetheless. can plants flower slower than they are supposed to? like can stress or environmental problems slow the flowering process? i know stress can lower yield and potency, but what about overall completion time?

also.. on a common flowering marijuana plant, do the top buds tend to mature and ripen faster than lower buds? or do lower buds ripen and mature faster than top buds?

someone please help :) thanks again.. i figured i would have havested quite a while from now and been dried and cured by now and smoking so i definitely need some advice here. my furthest maturest looking buds have about 90% brown pistils, and i believe really great cloudy trichomes, but no amber yet. I want to harvest some plants now but I feel like I will be rewarded for my patience if I just want for the amber trichomes but it is SO hard to be patient when everything is going slower than it is supposed to :(

the plants im concerned about tho only got like 10-20% brown hairs and its confusing.. they are the biggest buds and they just are not browning at all.
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Ok my old rule used to be; ignore the stated breeder time and add at least a fortnigbt. Now a days some timings are becoming more accurate. Many things can delay a plant. I once had an auto that through my friend starting of poorly ran way way longer than it should ever of lived. The breeders always proclaim under optimum growing enviroment. lol if we all had that set up! :).
I if needed to mature plant a touch quicker start diminishing light schedule and just water to get the plant using up own stores. Also Amber on some strains is harder to get.
Id stick with it and just check regularly. :) wish I could help more but im just a simple LST freek lol.
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One thing i'd friend put plastic on the floor of his grow room. Any water that gets trapped under it will become stale and potential for mold. After his grow he picked it up and it was gross. Get some tyvek tape (expensive but evil and waterproof) tape the edges so no water spillage can get under there. Looks Good.....mmmmmm weeedd.
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so conclusively through all of my accomplishments and struggles with this first grow, i think overall i did really good considering that it still is and has been a blistering winter outside where i am growing in a small shed. i finally found my amber trichomes on 3 plants.

first i harvested a scrog kush. the aroma seems very subtle and very light sour. this was my most struggled plant. i think ill have 1 oz dry
my 2nd harvest plant was a dream queen. i just hung the whole plant with its main colas and just removed the popcorn buds. i am guessing maybe 2 oz from this plant.
and my 3rd plant and all that i have harvestested so far is my biggest one yet, i think maybe 4 oz plant kush from the scrog. it had huge buds, this kush though even tho it is still critical kush seed, smells like pure gas fumes, it is diesel like unlike the other crtical kush right next to it. they both smell great and taste great(ive sampled a couple small dried popcorn buds)

i got 9 more plants to harvest still (4 kush and 5 dream queen)
i didnt get pictures of harvesting or anything on the 2 kush but i have a pic of the dream queen.
i will post my yield and bud close ups later after drying and curing.
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harvested all my other 5 dream queen. they were nice enough to show me amber trichs at the same time.

all i have left now is 4 critical kush. i will upload some harvest pictures maybe today, not sure whether I want to take pictures now or after I harvest the last 4 because they are about ready to be chopped as well.

I turned my old dream queen grow room into my drying room now. I got 2 racks on each side of the room with 3 shelves each.
I got the temps about 70 degrees, unfortunately about 0 or no humidity, lights off, and are laying to dry, the racks are like grill racks and allow air to get underneath, and i dont have any circulation. does this sound like good enough drying conditions? I guess a better question is, is this drying process gonna be okay with no humidity?
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