First Grow - 400W MH/HPS - Critical Kush & Dream Queen - Scrog

re: First Grow - 400W MH/HPS - Critical Kush & Dream Queen - Scrog

I would think the nugs are going to dry to a bit to quick with a rH that low Ed, my drying room at the moment is sitting at 65 degrees and 60%rH and it takes about 5 days to get nugs to the jarring stage. If possible try and get the rH in that room somewhere above 30~%+, you can do this by implementing a small 15 dollar humidifier at a local hardware store, I have seen people also use a bucket of water with a rag hanging on the side which will wick moisture from the bucket and "populate" the air, but this always freaks me out with the mold thing. A small fan on the ground or hung up in a corner is needed also, stale air is not good, we are going to want to keep the air moving and circulating to make sure nothing (mold) can sit and produce on the nugs. Opening the tent a crack to allow fresh air in is also a good idea, my herb usually doesn't dry in complete darkness most of the time, I will open the closet for a couple hours and let the nugs "breath" :laugh: Can't wait to see some harvest pics :thumb: Good job on your grow!
re: First Grow - 400W MH/HPS - Critical Kush & Dream Queen - Scrog

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