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First Grow 4x4 Autopots Wedding Cake & Zkittlez

Hello all, this is my first personal grow.
hoping to get some tips and advice to help my girls along.

Using a 4x4x7' tent
4" exhaust and carbon filter
4 Auto pot System Using Remo Nutrients in 80% coco 20% perlite
1350W Viparspectra Led Light.
3 Wedding Cake and 1 Zkittlez

Seeds popped up Feb 15th and were Placed in solo cups for the first week and a half and then transplanted to the autopots.
The one wedding cake on the bottom left is pretty runty. Its been like that since seed, about a week or so behind the other plants.
Topped the 3 healthy girls 2 days ago.
Zkittlez on the top right had some mag cal issues at the beginning put seems to be fine now.

Running around 26 C and 55% RH


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This model is the VDR1350. 627W from the wall. Heard it's a little
low on the deep red spectrum but I have two 150w ufo 660nm deep red LEDs to help out when it's time to flower. Thanks for the support.
Day 25 from seed. 1745756174575817457591745772The two wedding cake girls are taking off after the topping. Im not sure what to do with the third?? It looks like a mutant or something. Texture and the look of this plant looks nothing like the other 2. I have another seedling about a week and a half behind that im thinking about switching out for this one. I flushed it with 5 gal of 5.8 ph water a week ago hoping that would help. No change. Its growing but very slowly. Any help would be appreciated.
Should I pitch it or Keep it????
Well I would like to introduce you to the new lady in the group (AK-47). The other three ladies are completely going off and getting crazy bushy. Wedding Cake on top and Zkitltlez bottom right. I think things are is going good so far. Hoping the Sativa dominant AK-47 will slowly catch up. I wasn't going to top her. Any other suggestions to help this situation out? How do you guys think i'm doing on my first grow??? lol
Well its Day 39 from seed and the girls are looking Great. Not sure how I should approach the fourth wheel in the group. I will be setting up the scrog net in a week and im hoping the little girl will catch up eventually. Any suggestions on training the AK47?
Day 44 from seed and they seem to be doing well. The fourth wheel seems to be doing great aswell. Going to wait till the 5th of april to scrog to give the AK-47 time to catch up. Adding Co2 sytem just before I flip to flower.Any suggestions on Co2 levels at the end of veg and on into flower?
Day 50 from seed. I ended up topping the new AK-47 and bent her over. She was growing at a crazy vertical pace. It looks like it will catch up just fine. I Scrogged a day early but I think they were ready. I am going to top in a couple spots on the wedding cakes this weekend and then flip to flower on the following weekend. Don't want to wait much long as they are filling in nicely. Could definitely use some reassurance from a senior grower that everything is looking ok?

Yes there are all on one res. I kinda thought that it might be an issue. Going to just stay to the remo schedule like I have and hope for the best. Just started my new do si dos seedling this week. Will be starting another grow journal shortly and these 4 will be on a seperate res tank.


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Keep on the regimen you’re on as they look great, and down the line once you start to get a feel for the maturity and timing of each strain, you can always just grab a couple of small buckets and/ or jugs to act as separate reservoirs. Pretty easy to drill a small hole and add a grommet/ some 1/4” tubing. That’s how I run different strains in my AP, super easy.

I also run a small sub pump at the bottom/ side of my 12 gal AP res just to keep the nutes and water mixing. If you ever start to develop a film in the res and/or get tired of mixing it by hand...that’s a simple solution. Awesome work once again on the grow, looks killer.
I was reading that a pump would help keep these mixed up nicely. Do you run it on a repeat timer to reduce heat caused by the pump? Never thought about the separate res tanks. That may come in very handy. Thank you very much for the suggestions and for the encouragement. Will be getting my co2 system dialed in next week hopefully in time for the flip. Running an atlas 3 controller with 20lbs tanks.


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No problem, you made a great choice with that system. Took me a while to dial in nutes for AP, but now that I have they really are a wonderful/ super easy system. I don’t currently use a timer, but that’s a great idea and one I’ll probably implement tomorrow. Also, if you have any questions on CO2 lmk.

My autopot plants don’t look like this, but this pic was shared today on this site... just goes to show what’s possible in these things. This thing is nuts, I’m still stunned by this pic.

Omg. That is amazing!! I do have a few questions. I will give you my setup and will take any advice you give. First off my tent is not sealed. I am currently using a 6 inch ac Infinity with temp and humidity control that is set to turn on at 29c. I am not using an intake fan. Just opening on bottom corner. With my ac set around 22c in my room my tent stays below the 29 c for approximately 25-30 min in which I have a temp controller set to turn on my co2 controller anywhere below 28c that will turn on my co2 controller on filling the room while the intake fan is off. Also a fan will also turn on by my only exit point up pushing the co2 upward. The when fan reaches 29 c fan kicks in. Cycle starts again. Waiting for my new regulator to arrive to start to implement this. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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