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First Grow 4x4 Autopots Wedding Cake & Zkittlez


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I also run the T6, and only have 2 exhaust fans (no intake). Fresh air always will find a way in, so I’ve never really understood the logic of using intake fans except to bring in AC.

Given your tent is 112cf, and the T6 at full speed can push 351cfm, at full speed that fan will exchange the air in the tent 3 times per minute. With CO2 you can run a little bit hotter, but I probably wouldn’t go higher than 31C. You’ll want to make sure the CO2 is being released over the canopy, can be accomplished one of two ways (more too I’m sure):

-1. Run the tube off the Titan regulator to the back of a fan and blow that over your canopy.
-2. Run the tube off the regulator and create a ring next to your lights with holes so it drops down over your canopy.

I personally blow it over canopy with fan and then have another fan across the floor in the opposite direction. But when you have the room filling with CO2, you def want that T6 off, otherwise you’ll just suck it right out and drain the tank FAST. Play around with temps a bit, I found I could even turn down my lights during CO2 enhancement and still see better results than with full lights/ no CO2.

Edit: I’m sure you already know this, but in addition to the rules you’ve set to run CO2 during specific temp ranges, you also only want to run CO2 during lights on. If you run 18/6 in veg and especially when you get to 12/12 for flower, you def don’t want CO2 pumping while lights are off.
I have my tube coiled up behind my fan pointed at my canopy and a couple fans blowing co2 back up. The temp controllers have a photocell on them which should ensure that the dont recieve any co2 during lights off. What kind of ppm numbers would you suggest to start early flower with?


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Just been having a wee flick through here as someone was asking about the autopots. Think that's him here already though. Nicely done mate. How you finding the system? Think I'm getting some for next run too. Tried hempys this time and decided I don't like it and can't be bothered fixing my hydro Res all the time so it's the only real choice.
Wee question for you too, Why can't you run co2 at lights off? I see folk ask about co2 all the time but not many people know the answers so I'd like to pick your brain while I've found you. I generally just advise to leave it alone as it's compicated. You're making it sound dangerous though? Is it?
This is my first grow Barney so i dont have anything to compare them too, but so far so good. They are working as they should. I believe the reason that you dont use co2 during dark hours is because the plants are not using the co2 at that time, so its a waste of co2. But could definitely be wrong about that. Unless u have a major leak it should be safe. Buy a safety monitor if your are concerned.
Day 54 from seed. Scrog is starting to fill in. Thinking the tent will be filled up this weekend and will flip to flower. When should I change my res over to flower nutrients? Was thinking about starting a few days before flipping to flower. Sound bout right?
I run the full line of Remo Nutrients and run Great white orca liquid Mycorrhizae . Nothing else. I use RO water and my nutes right now are around the 850ppm mark, PH 5.8-5.9 (always slowly drift up).
Day 57 from seed (Day 0 of flower)? Day one when I see pistils??
Made the flip to 12/12 last night!! Co2 system is running great at 900-1100 ppm at 28-30c and 65% rh. I believe the ladies are thanking me. Turned red spectrum all the way to 100% from 60%. Also have three 150w 660nm led bloom leds that I will start using mid day for an hour or so and then gradually work the time up. Continuing on with veg nutes right now. Will slowly start to add bloom nutes next week.
Should I continue to train these branches down for another week or so?



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Day 1 is their first day of 12/12.

I’d give them a few days so you can see which tops are going to be the big stretchers and then you can tuck them down to even out the canopy. They’ll stretch for about 3 weeks, some more than other because of the strain variation. You’re doing a great job, dude, everything is looking beautiful.

You’re gonna LOVE the wedding cake, and though I haven’t tried zkittles it seems to get great reviews.

What light are you running?
Yes. The wedding Cake already smells like fresh vanilla cake. Going to be tasty. I run the viparspectra VDR 1350 625w from the wall. Like I said before Im starting to slowly implement the 150w 660 nm red leds. Think they pull around 80w each. Going to be exciting the next little while I think. My Dos si do and Gelato seedlings are about a week from going into the other set of Autopots in my veg tent. Will be starting that journal next week.
I have them set at about 24" above the canopy right now. i have about a foot and a half at least of room to move up yet. I figured that Id start moving the light closer a couple inches a week till I get to around 18" by week 4. Sound about right Man?


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Yeah you’re definitely good right now, I was just trying to gauge your available vertical space. At minimum you’ll always want at least 18” from light to canopy (can be more depending on mfg recommendations), but let’s assume for now that you have a total of 2’ vertical space for the plants to grow.

You have to assume each plant is going to stretch to at least double its current height, some triple or beyond. The AK will probably be your biggest problem child height wise. Good news is you can use this info to plan now, and you can do things early into flower like super crop and then add another tier of netting to bend the plants more if they start getting nuts. Let’s see how much they appear to be reaching for the sky in like 3-4 days.
I believe the mfg suggests min 18" in flower. I do have a second net that i will install when its needed. I kinda figured the AK will be my problem plant for height. Grew like 3 inches yesterday. Went and had a look. Pistils have started!! Right? lol
I just thought I heard it took a few days to a week before seeing any pistils. Just wanted to confirm what I was seeing. Thanks for your help so far Mang. Ill post an update in a few days.
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