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First Grow 4x4 Autopots Wedding Cake & Zkittlez

Day 6 of Flower. The girls are starting to stretch out pretty nice I think. I started my nutrients on Remos week 1 Flower schedule now. Running the Co2 around 1250-1400 and running the temp and Humidity high at 28-30c and 60-65 RH. Will be Slowly dropping temps and humidity in the following weeks. I need to defoliate badly it looks like. I thought I read that you want to defoliate around week 1 and week 3 and then nothing much after that. I am wondering what kind of percent you should stay under with both of these trims? When do you guys think I should install the second scrog net and how high above the first net should it be? This is my first grow and will definitely take any advice. Any guess how much I might get out of this tent?



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Plants look great man, nice job. I’d wait a little bit to see how they continue to grow. Typically I lollipop and remove everything up to the scrog screen to avoid larf, but it’s too early to make that call.

Re: second screen, it should be placed just high enough to bend the plants however you want them and provide support. Really no perfect one size fits all answer, depends on growth.
Ill give it a week or two to put the second net up unless the need the help before that. Feels like I should be removing fan leaves in the next few day to let some light threw the canopy? Have really good air flow but am more wondering about bud site development and allowing the lower areas to get them the proper lighting.
Day 8 of Flower. The ladies are stretching like crazy. I've have to do some minor cropping in the middle of the tent but i am happy with how even the canopy is growing. Installed a dehumidifier to control humidity without having my exhaust fans cutting in. Have the humidity down in the 55-60% now and temps are in the 28-31c running the co2 in the 1350 -1500 ppm range. Loving this ac infinty T6. Only runs when it is absolutely necessary. Anything I should be doing with the ladies in the following week?


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Looking great! Nothing you have to do yet, but if you’re jonesin you can lollipop some of the lower nonsense off, though I think you should go another 5-7 days so we can see how much more they stretch. If they keep at this pace, youll be able to pretty much clear everything up to the scrog net. I’d hold off from doing that yet.

You’re going to have a great canopy of buds and are doing a wonderful job.
I still have about 16inches yet that I can raise my light up and I'm around 22 inches from the canopy right now. So max around another 20 inches and I'll b maxed out. Thing I should be alright tho.
So had a busy 420 getting the next ladies cofy in there new home. Will start a journal next week. 2 do si dos and 1 gelato 33. Have one more do si dos I might put in there if I can fit it. Going to be running everything this same as this grow with a few things I've learned already threw this grow. Should be exciting! Happy 420 all!
Day 14 of flower. Temps 28-30c humidity 45-55% CO2 is running at 1350-1500ppm. Increased the 3 150w 660nm lights I run for 25 min every hour. Cleaned up a little under there skirts this week and they didn't skip a beat. Had a little bit of nutrient burn on the tips of my leaves a few days ago. Moved my ppm down 150 and hasn't gotten any worse. Things seem to be going fine but I have no clue... First time watching this beautiful plant grow and I am hooked!! Any advice would be gladly taken :)
Awesome. I added a small pump in each of my reservoirs on timers to keep the temperatures down aswell. 5 min on 10 off. Thanks again Growca for that tip. no more stirring the res daily !!
Day 22 of Flower. Things seem to be going ok. A bit of nute burn still or something on my leaves. Something I should be worried About ? TDS PPm is at 950 temps 27-29c during the day with RH between 40-50%. 18-19c during the night RH 35-40% Co2 @ 1350-1500.
Ok will drop them down for this week. Worried that I am supposed to be uping the nutes in week 5. Should I keep with what is recommended?
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