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First Grow 4x4 Autopots Wedding Cake & Zkittlez

Day 31 Flower. Things are not going very well. I had emergency surgery last weekend and was not at home for 4 days. Co2 ran out and a/c tripped the breaker. So running at around 35c for 3 days without CO2 either... mixed with the nute burn i had going before I was in the hospital the plants look like shit. The buds see to be growing but jeez.... right pissed at myself. Think these will my it till the end?
Thank you, I appreciate it. Cant wait for the final product. Will start my second journal went I get back on my feet. They are 2 Do si dos and 1 Gelato OG also in the autopot system.
Day 35 of Flower. Things don't seem to be getting worse, but not really any better. I am running things around the same temp and humidity. Day time 27-29c 45-50% rh and Night time down to 19-20c and 35-40% rh running CO2 at 1400-1500 ppm and nutes I bumped up to 1000ppm which is around 80% of recommended ratio at Week 5. Should I be trimming some of the burnt leaves that are getting close to my buds. The buds look amazing but the leaves look horrible. Any help would be appreciated.


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How you feeling man, doing alright?

Buds look great, going to have some fire come harvest time. Regarding leaves it really depends what you want to do come harvest time. Are you planning to make hash with bubble bags or press rosin or anything? If so, those leaves bearing trichs could be valuable, ugly or not. If not and you want prettier pics, feel free to clip them or the tips. I usually leave things alone unless it’s dead leaves or close to dead at which point I’ll remove altogether. If they’re super ugly and you have more buds than you need feel free to clip the leaves.
I've been better but it could always be worse. Probably another week or so on crutches then hopefully back to regular life. Thanks for asking. I will be making bubble hash with any trim I have. Not worried about how they are looking other than it affecting my yield. I also thought I read somewhere that having dead tips falling into the bud will bring on mold. I am going to just sit back and watch them swell up. On a side note. I found a deal on 4 XL autopots and also pulled the trigger on a hlg 550 rspec. Thinkin it'll b a little upgrade from this viparspectra.


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Congrats on the seemingly well recovery. Nice work on the upgrades, the HLG will crush in flower and the XL AP will too. May be worth it to keep the Vipar around if it gives you access to blue only spectrum (could prove beneficial in the future for stretch, veg, etc.). In terms of leaves I’d say remove ones that are real bad, but don’t stress the rest.

I’m still holding our faith for the SoHum/ XL pots nirvana - if that soil in the XL pots produces grade a buds with water only in the res... that’s game over (for me at least). Think I’m probably going to kill my current lot in the next week or two, but have some Cannarado genetics en route that will make perfect specimens for a new SoHum run in the XLs.
I'll definitely will be keeping the vipaspectra around. My medical plant total will be going up to around 100 plants in the next month and will be using that in one of the tents. Super excited to see how the sohum works out. Almost sounds too good to be true.


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100 plants, awesome. Man that’s great. The SoHum works for sure, I just need to figure out the right dilution ratio for young plants. Thinking I’ll go seedlings in RW into coco in solo cup, then 50/50 coco/ SoHum in 2 gal and then switch to full SoHum in 6.6gal for flower. Hopefully that does the trick. Still requires some mixing of nutes early on but should make the rest of the grow hands off (hopefully).
Day 39 of flower. Buds are growing nicely. Haven't changed the environment at all. I think they are progressing as they should even with all the burning. Anything I should be doing with them In the next week? Seems they are on cruise control right now. When should I be cutting the CO2 down?

I will slowly start dropping Co2 PPM in the next week. I can individually dim the red, white and blue spectrum. Do you think I should dim the Blue and white a bit the last week and keep reds going at 100%?


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It’s hard to tell scale from pictures on here TBH. Sometimes I think I’m looking at a monster plant but it’s just the way they took the photo. For a hopefully helpful scale, a bud the size of this bottle roughly (little skinnier) will weigh ~7-9g after its dried. Depending how similar (or bigger/ smaller) your colas are to this and how many you have, you can get a rough estimate.

This plant’s canopy was 3.5’ x 3.5’ and ended up being ~14oz dry. If you’re in a 4x4 and it’s full, I think you’ll def get more than 4-6oz off 4 plants.
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