First Grow - 600W HPS - Think Different - Automazar - Soil


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30% RH is pretty low so you may be ok leaving them all on the main stems. I was noticing that some of your buds are huge. The large buds hold in alot of moisture and could potentially mold. I have experience with allowing a giant bud to mold while drying it and I had to toss the whole thing. You may be good though considering your RH is pretty low.

Hey calyx! Thanks for giving me advices. I appreciate it. Thats Good news to hear that it should be ok. They have been there for 4 days now and so far they look ok (i hope ). Sorry for your sad story, but i am happy that u share it with me so i dont get into same trouble. Update now.... :)


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Day 83-84?? :) the TD buds are hanging in there :) 4 days on the line.. It feels like they go into the jars either tomorrow or the next day, they are a bit dry on the outside but i felt that they are moisty on the inside.
My Lower parts of the TDs are feeling more dense since they saw direct light so i am happy to left them there. I think overall it feels ok. The first pic of the old ladies is the mother and father of the seeds she is carrying and she looks like she will live long enough to produce fully viable seeds. I am not sure how long the other AMs will go, i Know one Can go down now this weekend but the others dont look like they are there yet. In a AM i See alot of trichromes(what i think is trichromes) she have very Much on all buds, the Lower ones are almost wet from this, are they trichromes or Something Else ?
And once again, here is whats going on in my secret room :)


Hey toker69!

Thanks for your visit! Any tip or advices at this stage, and i am all ears.


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Hey Google! Thank u very Much. I try to read Every day. And about the stems i read it some weeks ago. Its possible someone sad it to. Much goes in but Much goes out from the ears to. I think i am just lucky they turned out like this, and with the help from good 420-peoples :) i'll Come over and look at your place in a while, just need to update. I've been busy working.

There is no rush mate, you must be very busy and my place isn't going anywhere :) I havent actually posted an update in a while but will be updating tomorrow. Anyway, yours is looking good, very very good ;) :goodjob:


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Thank u very Much guys :) I get happy to read possitive and happy Words. I think i have been used to the smell coz i havent really felt anything extreme yet. Just felt they smell Good. But only when i was in the grow rooom. I had a friend Come visit me for a few days a go, he told me he could feel it outside the appartment. And thats Good and bad. And i have fixed the bad part. But in the last week i have been sick so i havent smell anything coz my nose has been like a water-hose, but today i Can smell everything. And i tell u guys, what a feeling when u Know u have made your own homemade and potent weed.


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Thank u very Much. King J C and thank for the reps! And yes Google, i am pretty High all the time, its not easy to keep my fingers away from my almost free weed :D I did weight the TD tops that i harvested and the weight is 280 grams. I am happy with that and it smells wounderfull. In 2 weeks or so i gonna harvest the rest (The Automazars and the Lower parts of the think differents) Here is a pic of the jared candy.

Thanks for your visit!


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Hey pinky! Yes i think so to. My AMS smells different to eachother, 3 smells... Sweet, super sweet kind of fruit and ones that is very heavey/strong dark smell. The super sweet one i could easy take a bite of.. Mmmm.
The sad story now is that i gonna loose my working. The company going down. Everybody gonna loose their work. So if anyone has Any tips and idea how i Can make a bigger growroom i would love to hear about it, how to make it the easiest way. 15x15 or 20x20ft. Thanks everybody who has fallowed Along one my Journey. In the weekend i will make a plan how to do it but please if u have Any ideas, i am happy if u would share it. Peace


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Autos don't really need a tent.

The tent is mostly to block light for 12/12 photoperiod strains, and to control environment.

So if you're still going to grow autos pack up the tent, and expand into the room.

I grow mine in my closet, and never shut the door. :)
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