First Grow - 600W HPS - Think Different - Automazar - Soil


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My walls haven't molded at all.

But I can't really say how it will work out for you.

If you use a carbon filter just keep it running in there.

It will still clean the air.


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Allright. Will get some up for sure...:) u Know... I looked at the Biggest top... Seperated the nugs.. And what did i find in that very dense and heavy bud? Yeps... Bud rot. I am looking through the other ones but so for i havent find Any more. I get a bit scared right now coz the automazars have dense nugs... I thinking i gonna take them all down so i dont loose anything more. And they are going to be separated and be drying on the racks. Lets hope for healthy nugs.


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Yes lets hope so, bur i think its ok. I am happy to just loose on bud, could have been mych more.
Here is 2 AMS i removed most of the fan leafs off.. The lady to the left i put a string on before when she stretched in veg and that turned out Good :)


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Hey Moby. 5 automazars (one that i selfpollinated, shes not gonna be harvest today) and i have the small buds that was on all the TDs left. I have cut down the 4 AMs today... It took a while.. Wet weight is 1280 grams. I still have all the TDs Lower parts to bring down... Long day today. But i am happy, i only found bud rot in 2 buds. That is very acceptible:)

Lady that i pollinated in the Lower picture and another beauty in the first one :)



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Thank u very Much for the warm words pinky, away, Moby and Toker.. Makes me happy. Its been a long day today so i it gives me more energi to read some Comments :) Toker... I gonna let her go untill she drops Every leaf. But she still look very Good after 94? Days.. Now im almost finished. Just need to hang the TDs on a string. They are not at dense as the AMS and they were great to hang before so i dont think it will be Any problem this time either.
The AMS i put in the hanging racks.. Tried to make them a bit smaller coz they were very dense. I dont want to risk to loose my harvest. I dont have a wet weight on the TDs coz they have Much stems so it wont give me a heads-up on weight but it looks like it will give some candy. I have to say that i really like the smoke of the TDs. Its little bit of trippy, makes u smile, giving u the feeling of massage it feels so Good. It comes in waves. I hope the AMS are in the same class.
Here are some photos... And yes, u get thursty to cut all day. Cheers!


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