First Grow Agent Orange


Hello all first time grower here in a legal state. I got a bag of Agent Orange that had a bunch of seeds and just thought “what the hell, why not”. Okay so I’ll post back pics but basically germinated the seeds and tossed them in organic soil on Oct 23, 2018. 4 total seeds, one did not make it through germination, one plant self topped only with one node, but it’s doing well, although I was a concerned father, the punk pulled through and is currently super happy. No sex results just yet but man I hope I get preflowers soon and plant fatherhood is just like real life fatherhood, happly stuck with a bunch of lovely ladies.

Fast forward; first true leaves popped 10/26/18 (seed +3 days). Now I’m at 27 days from seed being put in the dirt and the pics marked 1, 2, 3 are current plants and current appearance. A few things as this is my first grow. I studied the crap out of this so I’m pretty sure I’m not messing up too much, just looking for clarity on what I am doing, and what I am screwing up on. Just applied some Monterey w/ Spinosad today for the first time to a) be safe and b) found a few black flying critters.

1) these are a lot more bushy than other standard pics of plants taken at 25-30 days veg, anything I’m doing wrong? Should I bring the light up to encourage stretching or just leave it alone?

2) Just today did my second round of topping. I’m thinking I will not top further and flip to flower next week after my topping gets healed and new colas form. (Would be 1 month and 3 days from seed going in the dirt).

3) Agent Orange stretch is pretty well known, some have gone 200%+ stretch. So this is what I figure. The tent is sadly only 5’ total (I’ll buy a new tent if needed). So I subtract the foot needed for lights I hope for a plant with a max height of 4’(48”). I plan to flip to flower at 24” from floor to top of the plant; any reason why I should flip sooner? Perhaps I’ll stick with my plan and flip a week from now to allow time for healing from the recent topping done.

4) sex, sex, sex. For growers when we hear sex the second thought is “where is my wife, and I hope she doesn’t grab the ball gag” the first thought is “balls or hairs”. The last pics are labeled 1, 2, 3; I can’t determine sex myself just yet but wonder if the community can see things that I cannot, and if so how and what are they seeing.

Lights: 2 separate 300W LED’s full spectrum. 16-24 inches from tops.
Soil: Nature’s Care Organic and Natural Potting Mix
H2O: Meijer Distilled
Neutrance: Black Magic Base Neutrient (parts A & B). This is applied every 3rd or 4th watering. Cal-Mag, applied every other watering.


I get it man, don’t like that blurple. Here are some better pics. The leaf closeup is a similar issue the rest of the plants are having, thus the spray down today. Basically what I’m looking for is the same ol “will everything be okay?” All the other plants I see have a ton of stretch, I’m wondering if mine are bushes because I started training and topping early due to the strain being a tree and not a bush. Obviously I hope someone will magically say “they are all female” but get it that it’s a little to early. A8F07377-2C87-4811-B5FA-B662BFD80E16.jpegC1DFFBC9-841A-4CD4-966D-F28C50463FFF.jpeg01E91B14-35DA-41AB-B7D4-E68C1780DAFF.jpeg6F23C8DC-510B-4E97-86C2-A70B5F2FBA2C.jpegF2ABFCEB-F7A9-44AF-B5D4-98EBAF6D4A91.jpeg5F151B5B-B1FA-4D93-8440-26C9CB419658.jpeg9EE695F1-DB5C-41FA-92DE-600FD8A42052.jpeg9A5B5557-66EB-4928-80D5-5923B072F8EC.jpeg
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