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First Grow, all was good just 2 days ago, now this! Please Help!


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Everything was good just a few days ago, i transplanted into 5 gal buckets and now this, whats happening to my beautiful girls? Someone please HELP!!! Thanks Alot, I put pics up




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hard to say from the pictures alone, but i would suspect either PH issues, or overheating.

whats your ph, ppm, temps, nutes, etc?


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then thats probably the problem :p

alright! well. first off...

1) go pick up a digital thermometer with a probe. this way you can put the probe on your plant, and be able to tell the temps at all times.

2) you need a PH meter, or test kit. These are cheap from your local gardening store, or even in a lot of cases home building stores, or even walmart.

if you want to get a little more fancy... you can invest in a digital one too. but i find that they are more suited for hydro.

3) a PPM meter is a great idea, as it tells you how much food you are actually adding to your plant. but not required. i however highly reccomend it.

4) what are you feeding her? the cannabis plant requires a pretty specific range of nutrients, that changes throughout its life... picking up a 3 part fertilizer thats tailored towards this plant, is your best option. however, if that isnt possible.. maybe look up going organic.

5) what kind of lighting are you using?

these 5 things will greatly impact the health of your plant, and are considered the basics.

How to Grow Cannabis - Everything You Need to Know!

that link should help you tremendously as well.

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If you're short on funds, a great way to measure your pH of your nutrient solution is to go with the drop kit. I love them for soil. They usually have about 1,000 readings and never need to be calibrated (adjusted). Here's a link to one of them. As for a TDS meter, here is a simple, inexpensive one if you are considering it.

It appears only your young leaves are getting deformed. It could be a Potassium deficiency, as that can cause young curled and wrinkled leaves. I recommend flushing your plants well, then getting meters, if possible, if not a good flush typically does wonders.


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okay so i dont know the meaning of half of what you are saying but the girls are both in miracle grow potting mix, in 5 gallon pails and the light i am using is the one the the good lord provided, these ladies are outside. im not feeding them anything besides whats in the mix, says it feeds up to 6 months. I have no clue what im doing. Guess these aren't tomatoes, eh?


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and in terms of flushing them, i only give them water to begin with. Are you syaing i should drown the bucket to remove some of the nutrients in the slow release mix?

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Guess these aren't tomatoes, eh?

They're very similar, however just like tomatoes it takes some education to grow some incredible ones.

If you would like to succeed with your grow it will take much more then simply buying miracle grow, watering it, and waiting. For us to help you we'll need more information so we can properly diagnose where you can begin to get your grow getting better again.

What type of miracle grow? Anyway you can give information on the type. It has 6 months of nutrients in it, what kind are they?

The pH is a tool growers use to make sure that the plants can uptake the nutrients they get, whether from the soil or from you watering.

If the pH of your miracle grow is off, your plants could be experiencing a nutrient lock-up (my guess, potassium), thus causing your leave issues.

They're outside, what type of conditions do you experience where you grow? Temp etc.


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yep, JJ is on the money there, you will need to do atleast a little research on growing mmj to really be successful with it, if nothing more than to gain knowledge of possible problems that do occur.

ph level of soil/dirt or hydroponic solution lets you know if it is TOO ACIDIC or TOO ALKALINE, either excess(acidity or alkalinity) will cause what is commonly known as "nutrient lock out"- this is the situation in your grow where the plant can no longer take up any of the nutrients either within the soil itself or nutrients that you may feed it. again, soil that is too acidic or alkaline will prevent your plant from being able to take up ANY nutrients in your soil already or fed to it.. IMPORTANT TO KNOW

other things are kinda vital to get sussed.. watering- how often to water your plant and when to know when it needs more water or not.. this should be basic knowledge for you. a good gauge to know when to water is simply stick your index finger into the soil upto around the middle knuckle or half way... and if the soil feels dry at that level then water, if not then wait until it is... under watering will generally result in the plants leaves drooping down(but not looking sick) and over watering plants can have a detrimental effect too... this is an easy way to gauge when to water. added to this will be feeding schedule- how often to feed your plant and knowing when you have gone too far and have overfed them and will cause their roots to burn.

temperature and humidity(moisture content in the ambient air) are things that will effect your plants growth too.. altho, being outdoors like you mention is harder to control as it is if it were indoors... if excessive humidity or temperature, can stunt your plants, cause a number of issues with your plants development and can be destructive too.

we dont mean to make it sound complicated! this will become second nature and part of your basic checklist of things to consider when you grow.

as far as food is concerned, as mentioned above... it is also good to know and understand nutrients and minerals, elements that are within your plant food... plant require different amounts of different nutrients at various stages of their growth, for e.g. when it is in vegetative stage(before it begins to flower) it uses alot more Nitrogen than it does phosphorous and potassium(N.P.K on most plant foods)- as an e.g. so understanding these things will greatly increase your plants development too.. and hence, greatly improve the size and quality of the buds you harvest at the end of it.

flushing is running water through your soil and letting it run freely out of the bottom of the pot, this aids in flushing out excessive nutrients from the soil- excess can contribute to your soil being too acidic and hence preventing your plant from taking up any nutrients- as mentioned above. simply run water through your soil for a good 10-15 mins atleast... this also has a soothing effect on plants that have suffered "nutrient burn", which can generally be seen in the leaves- turning crispy and drying up, curling up and turning brown, almost as if they were literally burned. dolomite lime is also a good additive to help bring your soil ph down if too acidic.

with a good understanding of these things i am sure you will be mastering growing and harvesting HUGE buds in no time at all!! :D

well, thats my 2 cents worth! and i hope you are able to get your plant back on track asap!! all the best and
good luck!:peace::Namaste:


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if you arent feeding it and just transplanted them into a commercial soil mix then i doubt it is nutrient burn... just a guess.

would be still a great idea to know what the ph levels are!

im guessing here, based on the pics you provided im thinking it could be over watering?? or keeping the soil over-saturated with water, if over watering then the roots will be constantly wet and can cause this kind of damage in the leaves...


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Sorry for the delay in response, internet wasnt working.

Well, since transplant about a week ago, i have watered them twice thoroughly.

Climate is Upstate NY, end of summer, so sunny and 80's....

Thank you for the lengthy how to on MJ, i will take all of that into consideration, i didnt know growing a plant could be so difficult. all these ph in soil and measure and im not good at this stuff i just wanna grown and smoke some good shit...i guess i should try to warm and dry them out then, bring them in for a little while? looks like rain today!

Thanks alot guys for all your input, im going to post pics today, looking more fucked up day after day. :(


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ive been where you are and the best and i meen BEST thing for you to do is a little reading... no a lot of reading! when i first started i only asked ?s and only got so far. this forum is full of years and years of ?s and answers. i started doing my own research and found the results to be much more gratifying then when all i did was ask ?s. try a little research and ill bet you could figure this problem and the next one before you even encounter a next one. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! hope you can turn it around:reading420magazine:
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