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First grow and I have a sick plant - Help


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Hey guys I'll try add as much info as I can

Grow room 4x4x2, 600 watt MH, temps 78of, humidity 44-48%, two fans one small desktop fan and a large fan, 5'' outtake fan

Got the Euforia clones Friday, coca was damp got them home and didn't water.
Noticed some yellow spots on the leaves and a few had been cut down, stems were purple, roots where coming out the bottom of the pot just! Must of been in a 7 litre pot, went in the tent under a 600 watt MH which was raised to the top of the tent so they didn't get light shock

Saturday they were transplanted into 10 litre pots, clay pebbles were adding to bottom of the pots to help with drainage, coca added and plants put in the coca with a handful of clay pebbles on the surface to stop the soil pulling away from sides, they were given some ph water (with low strength nutes 1/2 recommended amount
) until I had run off

Sunday left them alone til 6pm when I lowered the light down to about 60cm from top of the plant

Monday, went out today and noticed they didn't look to good so here I am now worrying like made

Here are the symptoms:

Yellow spots but where the spots are there are small black dots on the topside of the leafs and some underneath but more on top
Tips are curling and appear to be indented near the curl (see last pic)
Purple stems
Some tips very dry and crispy
Some leafs drooping down
2.5 days after watering there still a lot of moisture in the coca







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Re: First grow and I have a sick plant - HELP :(

Hey, many thanks for replying. Pics ain't the best cause my iPhone camera doesn't seem to like the MH light lol



If more pics are needed just let me know and I'll nip out and get some (the ones above were taken yesterday), I have since removed some of the clay pebbles to try get loose some moisture from the soil quicker


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Re: First grow and I have a sick plant - HELP :(

i would let her dry out loads , check the ph run of because sometimes the pebbles can knock it off a bit , maybe the light and transplant was a big shock to he also , i would maybe just get some cfl bulbs and mist the tent walls , let her dry out but keep it humid


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Re: First grow and I have a sick plant - HELP :(

I'm gonna try the bucket with a towel trick to keep humidity a bit higher cause it's gonna need to be raised for flowering

I used a moisture tester earlier and it said ph was in the '6' range, I know it doesn't say a lot but didn't fancy watering again to test the run off, I fed them with ph water of 5.7, but as the clones come from a friends friend I don't really know the history of the plants, next time I think I'll get smaller clones cause these are ready to flower in 2 weeks and ideally I'd like everything ironed out before then

There were a lot darker when I got them and over the last few days they are going that nice green colour there suppose to be, so bit of a conselation there.

So once they dry out and I'm Ready to water again do I water til I get run off?


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Re: First grow and I have a sick plant - HELP :(

yes make sure pot is nice an light , water slowly get a liter jug water from middle out in circles , wait for five mins then water again with another liter , if theres no run off go again then catch some in a tray measure it just to see :thumb:

ps i would take a clone of this one once your good to go maybe even 2 :) something to fall back on


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Re: First grow and I have a sick plant - HELP :(

Many thanks for the help! Really appreciate it

Am I best off raising the light again and moving the plants to the corners of the tent to reduce light amount til they get over there initial shock? Due to the tent being in the garage I'm having to use the MH to keep the temps right, and using the day temps to keep the light out temps right, using cfls isn't an issue but I'm gonna have to order a temp controller and plug a heater in to keep it at the correct temps but til they come I'm gonna have to use the MH

Been out to check not long ago and removing some of the clay balls from the surface seems to be drying the coco out nicely so in a few days hopefully they will be dried out

also am I just reducing the light til there dry? Also when there dry is it worth flushing to correct the ph?

Sorry for all the questions :p


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Update today. Not much change.. Have the moisture tester out again and it's moved from the blue 'wet' bit, and it's down into the green 'moisture' bracket but at the top end of it, by tomorrow I think it will be mid way on the gauge.
Plants are still dropping with slightly curled edges still but looking slightly better than yesterday.
The purple on the plants main stems have started to turn green

Still worried the edges of the leaves feel a bit dry, today I have moved the light to the top of the tent.. I'll do this til the leaves stop dropping and lower it each day til it's where I want it

New growth is coming from all over the plant so I believe it's still growing ok

Does anyone else have any input please? Would be massively greatful

Here are the girls not long ago






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Thanks Sedj213

I'll nip to the hydro store later and grab some.. I've been speaking to the lad I got the clones off an he's been watering then with ph water of 7.1.. I'm guessing that's not gonna be very beneficial!
Just been to check on them and there perking up, soil meter is almost around the lower end of moisture, there getting there :)
Noticed one of the worst leavs has a dry crispy patch and after searching the forum it looks like a potassium problem which would be understandable given the high ph

Overall I'm happy the growth on the plant it good just need to get this problem sorted now lol


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Epson Salt can be bought for cheap at a Drug Store...a 7.1 PH isn`t too smart. If you don`t have a PH meter, i suggest you boil the water in a gallon jug and leave it open for 24 hours, should bring your PH level to normal range.Remove all dry leaves, they`re useless. Potassium issues you can buy Natural Coconut Water, do a 75 (Water) 25(Coconut Water) to the mix.....


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Thanks again for replying :)

I have a ph meter, when I transplanted the clones Saturday just gone I gave them some water to aid the transplant and ph'd it at 5.8.. These issues ain't really through my fault they came with the clones, once they dried out I will flush them through with water with the ph at 5.8 to get it dropped down... I made the newbie error by not testing the run off after watering them.
I've had the clones 5 days now and I can see an improvement.. I'm prob stressing my self out a bit to much with them but just don't want them to die and with them due in flower in 10 days I wanted things bang on, but I may hold off on the flowering for now

Just been to check on them, lower flowers have stopped drooping, it's only the odd one on top of canopy that's still hanging down


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They haven't been watered in 6 days now, coco still feels slightly damp about half way down the pot

Problem is still there, tips curling, odd edge is going a bit crispy... From googling I'd say it's a ph problem but doesn't coco naturally buffer the ph? Gonna buy some calmag tomorrow along with some air pots.
After 7 days will they need water? Nearly all the leaves are now standing up, just odd few ones on the top still slightly hanging

One plant is really doing well even with the curling leaves but others seem to be growing slower

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