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First grow and I have a sick plant - Help


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I know nobody is replying but I'll keep updating lol...

After speaking to a friend who has had years of experience said the plants needed flushing and some feed

So flushed the plants through and fed some canna A & B along with some cannazym at half strength.
Ph run off was 6.1, repotted the two slower growers of the clones and took the clay pebbles from the bottom and added some fresh coco with perlite

I'll update in a few days to let you know how things are

May as well keep this updated as it may help others in future


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Have you checked the underside of your leaves? that random damage looks like it might be bug related.

The curling up could be heat stress or overwatering.


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I don't have a 30x lens, I'll order one

I'll grab some mite treatment tomorrow, the plants are looking very nice and growing well but still signs off damage, not as much.. Been away for a few days and only back today.. 4-5 people have said mites now


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So my guess was mites, too. What did it end up being??????:popcorn::nomo:

Peace, Andy :Namaste:


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Wasn't mites lol never got no webbing anyway

I got everything in check and the problem seemed to erradicate, ended up pulled 2.5oz a plant.. Bud weren't the best but smoked nice and got me high so can't complain lol
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