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First Grow and It Shows


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This was going to be my first ever grow and for me it was a major step in my life. First of all I have been enjoying cannibus since I was 16 years old and as the years went by it was amazing to see so many different kinds, and the joy of smoking real good bud is amazing. I would have to purchase any of the good around here, and we all know what that is going for on the open market. And most of the Good bud I was getting could not hold a candle to the nugs I have seen in the grow journals.

Due to a very nomatic lifestyle I was never in a secure enough place long enough but to burn one. Also I knew nothing about growing plants and have killed any pottded plant I had owned. I had grown a few seedling in my life but that was it. I made a decision to leave myself made rat race and "go home". Country living with no neighbors. The main goal, to do what I had never seen or done, learn to grow indoors. So I am very use to just jumping into thing, so with both feet we began.

First I read everything I could find, and much of it took months to make sence. You do not know the excitement I felt when I finally learned that you could simply take a cutting from a mature plant and grow another and have a mother plant just to draw from! That to me was like a win win. I became even more excited to realize that the light change is what bring on the magic....and well for all I did not know, or understand, it did not stop me.

What strain is it? Mexican Unknown Bagseed
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Just Started 12/12
If in Veg... For how long? I had them in veg 8 weeks
If in Flower stage... For how long? Has been in 12/12 for 3 days
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Tent 4x8 Light House Brand
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Just Home Dedpot
If soil... What size pot? 5 gallon 3 gallon 2 gallon
Size of light? DIY
Is it aircooled? Not Yet
Temp of Room/cab? No Temp gauge yet
RH of Room/cab?
PH of media or res? Waiting on ph meter
Any Pests ? Several
How often are you watering? 2-3 days
Type and strength of ferts used? Ask me furthur down the line

Next stop was Home Depot to get some great dirt and other needed supplies. And as many readers know, that just understanding dirt was a big learning curve. On top of that I had 5 tons of fresh compost just sitting in my back yard, I have ten horses. I then read everything I could about the dirt, worm farms and compost tea. Next year I will have my own blend full of need organics and ph range tested.

I live in an area that has no dispencries and growing is highly frowned upon. The seeds I started with were all I could get my hands on and were from several random sourceses. Once the race started I was in for the finish line, but I was still totally swimming in the dark. Once the plants were deep in veg 2 months, and I had done all kinds of evil experiments on seeds and clons and topping and watering, all with out a watch dog or a forumn to help. But I did learn a lot. There was a time when I thought I was smarter than all the growers on line. I would simply take my plants outdoor every day, soak up the free sun and then return them to there 24 hour of light. It was a sad day when several days into my routine I had the sence to reseach the double light question and found I was only stressing the plants way beyond what was fair. Back to the grow room! At this stage I found 420 and this amazing grow jernal. I started to see I was doing many things wrong. I lingered for weeks just reading and reading and reading again. I read the most amazing story of a monster plant, I read stories about people whose lives fell apart in the middle of the grow and the plants were destroyed. This journal has one of the best reality shows going. So I finally got the courage to let some experts look at all my mis turns on the trail and show me the right way. The story continues.

I then ordered the mac daddy seeds that were the real lesson. Around me the knowledge was making sence in all directions but a lot was still unknown. I was facinated by the prospect of humidity and thought about getting a humidity meter when it happened! Another new door opened! You mean to tell me all the guys in the grow journels always mentioned the word ph. Well that doesnt affect me, does it? So the learning goes on and a ph meter is in the mail as I write this.

So I am so deep into this and I cannot turn back. I have dozens of plants that have been under 24 hour lights for almost 2 months. All the different bag seeds were started at different times so there is a huge highth difference between sisters. Heck, I still probably have 10 males lurking in the group ready to rape an unsuspecting female plant.

So to this forum I humbly walk with my mess. At the same time, as the grow began on the inside, I decided to have a few sisters outside to gauge growth patterns between the two locations. Built a special court yard ,out of sight location and put a different group of girls in the sun.

I have since set up a 4x8 grow tent and moved my first bag seed group of plants into 12/12 light sechedule. I never expected much from these seeds and I will be surprised if they are even worth smoking. We will see.

I made my first seed order and that went off very well. Got double the number of seeds I ordered. Not knowing much about all the different monster strains ,I just went with what I knew would be good, Hawaiian maui wooie and super skunk seeds. The seed order was from a web site called Dutch Seed Shop. I think they were very good to me and one of the few that is reasonably priced and accept pay pal. Those seeds were all just stuck in the soil and watered....tried several germanation methods and have not settled on one I like. I hate touching the seedlings. Also at this point none of my many containers of dirt remain untested for ph. I was so worried about not over fertilizing I have only feed a few times. Not knowing that ph is the number to watch. I am on well water and I cannot wait to get home and get my ph meter in the mail and test the water I have been pouring on them for the last three months. Heck it could have a ph of 8 and I have been just pissing in the wind. But on to the grow. Here are some pictures of the plants that will soon go to the 12 12 light schedule. All of these are just bag seed from middle of the road weed.

Now I realize that even with the tutorial I still cannot up load photos. let me keep looking.....


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Re: First Grow and It Shows,

Here are the plants in 12/12 ,3 days




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fertilized with a 12-55-6 this morning and still do not have a ph meter yet, in the mail. Just do not know what to do from here. Started with 17 plants and have not found a male yet. Looking for balls everyday. Thank you guys in advance for looking, commenting and helping.....I definitely need it.


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Here are some more pictures of the different plants if the flower tent, 3rd day. I can say that several plants have started stretching like I have not seen. Also many of the leaves are starting to look spotted and different colors. I am sure I am not feeding correctly. I have not ph any of the nutrits as of this date. Ph meter coming soon, come on Amazon and deliver.

If you see any males or see anything you might think is off please let me know.












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Good Morning, Was making the rounds this morning and found something I had never seen before....A Male trying to rape a few of my girls! This will be the first male I have ever grown and found, I sure it will not be my last. This was from a group of clones I took to find sex but many of the clones died. I had since given up on that project but had the clones outside. This morning I found these balls in my face. I looked at this plant the day before and had not seen this. These balls were grown in 24 hours! This will be the smallest set of balls I had ever seen!

Did not have the heart to rip him out of the ground. So if you will check out the pictures you will see where I had turned him loose. This is several blocks from me and I just left him to his own devices. Hoping a rabbit will find him and have a meal. He will not make it long without me! The only sad thing is that there is a large male lurking in my tent and we have not discovered him yet.




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The Cannabis plant grows fast, sometimes I think if you stare at them long enough you might actually see it move. You know what to look for, so as long as you destroy them before they release their pollen everything will be fine, unless you want seed? Once I get settled I'm going to begin experimenting with pollen harvesting and possibly feminizing some seeds. Buying seeds gets expensive after a while. Without a PH meter it's gonna be difficult to determine what's wrong with nutrients/water. They look great just make sure your indoor 12/12 is light-tite.


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Went back to the tent looking for the undercover boy and this morning he was staring me in the face. I had looked carefully at this plant 12 hours earlier and did not see any male indications, this was my first, but this morning when lights went on he could not hide in time. Nuts hanging out everywhere.


I have two plants in the same pot and it looks like they are both males......


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Got the package I was waiting for from Amazon. Only to open it and find that stupid ass me ordered a meter for water but it does not measure ph. What a dumb ass. Back to Amazon and another week wait. I do need to know what is the acceptable Total Dissoloved Solids I can expect in my feeding schedule.


Grow Journal of the Month: April 2017
Do I have major problems?


Congratulations on starting your grow journal. This is my first grow, so I'll wait for the experienced growers to arrive and offer advice, except I might come in now and then :)

#1 - Lots of photos:) great choice :thumb:

#2 - Am I in trouble. These look like leaf miners. Little animals that are cheering your leaves from the inside. Cut off all the leaves with tunnels in them and then fill your shears in alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or some other sterilizer. Since these are indoor / outdoor plants the parents of these leaf miners are probably outside. Dispose of the leaves outdoors and you are probably out of trouble.

#3 - PH. A pen is fine, but in my opinion expensive and fussy. I use 3 drops in a glass vial test kit FROM AN AQUARIUM STORE. Tropical fish aquariums have been measuring water with chemicals and colors for generations. The fish store test strips tend to be narrow range (6.2 - 7.4) in accuracy of 0.2, much more accurate than most garden store test strips.

#4 - Water quality. You already have a meter. I sent, again, to the fish store and use test strips that you full in the water and measure chlorine, nitrates(more a problem for fish) and TDS. My grow it's small enough that I feed nutes based on ml/liter as recommended by manufacturer. For hydroponic systems, compost tea you mix yourself, or home mixed farming nutes TDS is more important.

Enjoy your journal. Constructive advice is on the way :welcome::welldone:

Your plants want to grow. This might not be your best ever grow, but you look good. The quality of your bud, with good timing, flush, etc. is likely to be excellent!

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what you do order a ppm meter? Keep it, they are money!

They are money! Definitely keep it! I have my PH pen and TDS pen taped together so i can take both readings at once! These are bits of information that you should know. to quote a famous quote: "Knowing is half the battle" +reps if someone knows the quote


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These are the guys that really know their stuff, you couldn't get better advice from a book. Follow Rads advice and you'll grow massive buds. Be careful not to over-think issues and from what I've seen your gonna do fine.


Grow Journal of the Month: April 2017
These are the guys that really know their stuff, you couldn't get better advice from a book. Follow Rads advice and you'll grow massive buds. Be careful not to over-think issues and from what I've seen your gonna do fine.

Funny chinnubie. I got nothing.
Dankness has it going on way more than me :)

But if you need some help with something specific, I can point towards Light Addict, John C (smart boys) or Cannafan, GardenFaerie (smart girls) depending on the question. The forums are a bit slow to answer the questions, but the grow logs usually get a same day response

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Well put Radogast.

You just have to put yourself out there. Maybe get the courage to ask some experienced growers a question or two. Thats what i did, and i have some really smart gentlemen helping me out with my first grow as well. It takes away alot of the newbie nerves, and lets you grow with a little confidence. This site is full of nothing but helpful people. Just keep updating your journal and someone with some serious skill set will pop their head in to see whats going on, trust me.

But if i would have to say, i think everything is looking pretty damn good. Get your PH pen and keep that TDS pen you got as well.. knowing the water quality is very important for the overall health of your cannabis plants and they will reward you for the extra attention to detail you take!!

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