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First Grow - Bag Seed - CFL - Closet - Lots Of Pics


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What Strain is it? BAGSEED
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? UNKNOWN
How Many Plants? FIVE
Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? VEGATATIVE
If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 11 DAYS
If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 0
Indoor or Outdoor? INDOOR
Soil or Hydro? SOILD
If Soil... What is in your Mix? BASIC POTTING SOIL
If Soil... What Size Pot? SOLO CUPS ---> ABOUT 1 GAL
Size (Wattage) of Light? How Many? 3 26W CFLS 2700K 1 75W FLOURO
Is it Air Cooled? FAN
Temperature of Room/Cabinet? UNKNOWN
RH of Room/Cabinet? UNKOWN
PH of Medium or Reservoir? UNKNOWN
Any Pests? NO
How Often are you Watering? EVERDAY AT 2:00PM
Type and Strength of Fertilizers used? 8-7-6
Size or Square Footage of Room? 3X3X3

is anything wrong with the plant below? leaves are cupping up:[

This is my first grow please any help appreciated if you see anything funky let me know!
the leaves on my plant have some like random wilting/bending going on is that normal?
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Re: First grow, bagseed, cfl, closet, lots of pics

Just transplanted the babies, these pics are a day newer than the previous!
does the growth look up to par for a cfl indoor at day 11?

^thats coley:D

^thats desiree:]

let me get some feedback please! I'm new to this forum i need some love! :thanks::love:
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The plants look okay. Don't water your plants every day. Did your cups have holes in the bottom? They need to dry out a bit so that oxygen can get into the soil for the roots to grow.

You should think about a low dose of fertilizer soon, about 1/4 - 1/2 strength.
After two weeks, go to full strength. Fertilize one to two times a week. You should probably water about every two days depending on the size of the pots.

Good Luck on your grow.


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Just wanted to say Welcome, my friend...Your babies look good to me...I am not sure about why your leaf is turning up maybe someone a bit wiser than myself will have the answer for you. Happy growing....


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I would transplant into a larger pot...one with plenty drain holes...your potting mix...mix plenty Perlite in ..to improve drainage...:welcome::goodluck:..oh yes...do not water daily...wait until top 2 inches are dry...


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ya all my cups had drain holes in the bottom! i just transplanted from the solo cups into a bigger pot for now. i do have them on low dose of fertilizer for now as i said, one of my plants did show signs of nute burn so i have been just using tap now! and ya i am now watering accordingly, making sure not to over water because i know that is a common mistake i see.
as it goes for the cupping the one plant, idk what it was but it seems to be straightening itself out, literally! ahaha
thank you for the welcome:D

and here are some pic updates!

alright its day 12 of my grow and this is the only guy i haven't transplanted into a bigger pot.. but idk if i should even keep this guy, only one side of his first set of leaves seems to be growing correctly, anybody recognize this problem or is it just bad genes?

heres my drainage holes on my new "pots"
should i add more or am i good?

this is the smallest of my 3 main growing, i have him planted next to a buddy that just for the fuck of it i "topped" on barely its first node, i wonder where that will go lol. might just pull it theres been no growth since the top.

this is one of my 2 main plants right now, showing indica dominant for sure, and is growing well, her names coley. :D

and then last but not least this is my other main plant that is def showing sativa, her names desiree.

mind you i gave them names only because there all bag seeds and its easier to understand which plant is which:D
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looking great...i woul folllow the watering advice and keep up your good work...good job and welcome to the fam


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looking great...i woul folllow the watering advice and keep up your good work...good job and welcome to the fam

thanks for being such a kind person, here and on the other thread!
and ya i realize that this is a wild plant that prob can go weeks without water in the wild. so why should i drown it indoors! lol

so yes i am watering now only when i need to!
im glad these babies made it healthy so far with me promptly watering every single day until now!



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WHTUP Zee...yes add more drain holes...don't top your plants until they have at least 4 nodes...u need more light...cfl daylight...next transplant try to use at least a 3 gal pot...got mine in 6 gal...2 plants in 1 pot...bad ideal...if both turn out to be females u may kill both trying to separate...roots will be intwined...if 1 f and 1 m...cut m stem at soil level...above all...do a lot of reading..topping that plant shows u need some knowledge...post lots of pic...easier to get help. those leaves are common on bag seed...they will be ok...:thumb:

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Well, you haven't killed them yet, so you're off to a good start! You're getting good advice already...Let your soil get dry before watering...Pick up the pots right after you water to feel the weight of them....When the plant needs water, the pot will feel much lighter. Topping should be done at 4-6 nodes....And in my humble opinion, you shouldn't use ANY fert. until 2 weeks in. At 2 weeks, 1/4-1/2 strength should be used to get them aclimated to feeding. Also, you really only need 2-4 CFLs to veg with, try mixing the spectrum--2 23 watters @ 5000K and 2 23 watters @2700K is all I used to veg for several grows, and worked just fine....But you will need more of them for flowering, as long as heat isn't an issue, use as many as possible.
+Reps for starting a journal, good luck and lets get those babies producing!

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Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
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