First Grow/Barneys HoneyB/Soil/July 2010


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First grow Barneys Honey B.

Barneys Honey B/Soil/August 2010-08-18
6 Plants from feminized seeds.
Secret Jardin DS1200
CFW 200W
600w HPS with reflector
6” inline fan
4” inline fan
Carbon Filter
Using rainwater
Allmix soil, ec 2.4, ph 6.6 with added perlite

I don’t think there’s been a journal on this strain, so it could be of interest to a few. My first grow, so I spent about a month researching strains, growing styles, ventilation, lighting, etc.
I asked my son to get me a kit – everything I’d need except the seeds. He has a few grows under his belt, and is familiar with the grow-room setup.

I ordered the seeds… they arrived with the week. Great service.

25th JulyDecided to germinate 6 of them, using paper towels in a propagator to maintain the temp.

27th July -After 36 hours, the tap roots were just over half an inch – transplanted them into 3” pots filled with a mix of 70% Allmix and 30% Perlite.
Put them into the tent, with a 600w HPS and reflector, using a 4” fan for the exhaust.
Running 24 hours on.
The temperature rose way above 25C – so – switched to a 6” fan, with the 4” fan demoted to sucking the air in.
That did the job, along with a 6” fan for air circulation in the tent.

29th July - Decided to change the lamp for a 250 watt HPS in order to try and reduce the noise – have friends coming for a week in a few days time. Changed the fan system to just the 4” exhausting. Reduced the noise ok, and everything seems to be balanced. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that I needed to match the lamp with the ballast, and I continued to use the 600w ballast….all went well until..
5th. August – the lamp started to cut out. Posted the problem here, and realised I needed a 250w ballast.. didn’t have one, but I did have a 200w CFL on order…!

Reverted to the old setup with the 600w HPS and the two fans… Noisy..

10th August –

The baby leaves are yellowing…and the lower leaves drooping a bit…
Changed the setup again, and the 200w is right down there over the 6 plants, with a 12” fan circulating the air in the tent, with the lower flaps open. Temps are fine, sitting between 25 and 27C. No other venting

Soil temp is always about 2 degrees C higher than the air temp..humidity sits around 50%.
12” rotating fan blows across the plants. The stems have stiffened a good bit, as a result.
Started off with a cheap ph meter – it was rubbish… now I have a Tecpel, which seems to be pretty stable. Came with buffer solution for ease of calibration. Used it to adjust the rainwater…

18th. August.
Still running quietly with the 200w CFL. Started feeding with Biobiz Bio-Grow (npk 8-2-6) yesterday. 1 ml to 1 litre. Now the lower leaves (see pic) are drooping a bit. I think I’ll back off on the nutrients – perhaps just give them a dose every two days, and alternate with adjusted rainwater.

Anyone got any other ideas, comments? I realise that the pratting around with the different lights and fans etc wouldn’t have helped, but I doubt that it’s had a great detrimental effect on the babies..
This is as they are today, three weeks after they went in the paper towel.. they've been in their post for 19 days. The pots are 3.5" diameter, for reference.
Now I know how to post pics, I'll get some sharper ones..!
congrats on those seeds. I have a few honey B seeds somewhere so I'll be watching for sure. looking good. most likely those yellow leaves are because they are the first leaves. The other leaves look great so nothing to worry about.
Cool grow dad!(and a cool kid from the sound of it..)

Watch out, rain water can have weird ph. if its drastically different than the water youve been using it can slow them down. (as can switching lights back and fourth)

Have you looked into fan speed controllers and mounting things with bungees or on foam/rubber/silicon pads?
They're looking a lot better now - maybe it's just my imagination, but they've perked up a bit, and are starting to look like the real deal...
After the transplant, all the pots were soaked and allowed to drain - that was the 22nd. August, 3 weeks after sprout. They're sitting under a well ventilated 600w HPS lamp, and there was no noticeable stress - they just sat there for a couple of days, and then took off.
You can see the difference in seven days, from these pics below..Watered them today for the first time since the soak, with half strength nutrients.

Can anyone explain to me why they should look so different from each other, yet theyr'e all supposed to be Barneys Honey B, all bought at the one time, in the same packet...?
One even has 7 fingered leaves, while the others have 5... perhaps the 5 fingered ones will develop into 7 or more later?
The biggest one, the 7" one, has the darkest leaves, and suffered a little bit of yellowing of the leaves at the edges... Maybe too close to the lamp..
It seems, according to what I can understand, that these seeds are displaying different phenos. I didn't realise that they would be so different. Three of them look completely different.
Fimmed the biggest one today, just above the fourth nodule. It's 9" high - stretched 2" since yesterday.
Some of the leaves are curling up, and I'm assuming it's wind burn. Have re-directed the fans (there are 3) to the air above the plants, rather than directly on them. All fans are rotating except the main one, a 12" one which points up at the 600W HPS lamp. Temperature is stable at 26 - 27C. Have turned up the humidity in an attempt to resolve the curled leafs. Humidity was 48 -50%.
Things look to be going ok, but I'd welcome any comments.
I've been unable to find another Barneys Honey B grow journal... so, it could be worth your time to pay attention to this one, if you're considering this strain!
Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

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