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First Grow- Bubblicious x Master Kush Strains


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New to the 420Magazine but decided to post a thread showing my first grow. Im about three weeks into flowering with my homemade grow tent.

Tent- 4ft x 3ft
Light- 600w Cool Tube Grow light With HPS and MH Bulbs Switched During different Stages.
Strain- 4 Bubblicious
2 Master Kush


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Your plants look very healthy. I see that you are growing with the conventional straight up Christmas tree style method. After growing for the last 16 years I have found topping plants mixed with a LST system which means low stress training. By doing this I end up with 4 to 7 stretched out cola/ 3rd, 4th and up to 7 pro dominate top cola equivilant buds blasting up. I am currently on approximately 7 ounces per plant. This is indoor hydroponic system with 5000W of light over 80 plants in a 120sf ft space.
Now that you know how to maintain healthy plants, don't be scared to experiment and keep up with what all the causes and affects are and you will surprise yourself.
Research research research... trial an error. Rewards worth the risk.
Again, your crop looks great. Cheers mate
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