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First grow,choosing strains.


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im doing a first time grow and im wondering, which three of these strains should choose?

magic bud fems
maroc feminised
easy bud feminised
masterkush fem
orange bud fem
passion #1 fem
Sour NL x Nev.Haze x 5
Strawberry Haze feminized
The Church Feminised


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Master Kush for sure man, it's resiliant as a mofo. The phenotype I grew from Nirvana can take some heat if ventilation is a problem, my first grow I had grow area 85 to 100 degrees the entire grow except at night.


^^ My choices 2:allgood: Definetly the kush, and gotta love the strawberry, although iv never tried passion i was gunna say orange or sour.


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If this is your very first grow ever, I'd steer away from anything "Haze" - they can be fussy feeders, have long-er flowering periods, smaller yields, and can be difficult to control height-wise.

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