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First Grow Closet Vs Small room build- Any and all opinions welcomed


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Let me start by saying this is my first grow. But I am pumped. I am an avid out door gardener, and start my own seeds etc but this is a first for me. But I am VERY excited to try.

I will mention if I enjoy this, I will have the chance to build a very nice underground grow room...

I also have a very strong General Construction background, so carpentry, plumbing, electrical are all skills I possess.

So my first grow. I am debating whether to do this in a wardrobe I have and I am not using (roughly 3x4.5) or build a small room, within a small room in my basement ( would be about 6'Lx4'd5'H). I realize the pros/cons of each. I like the latter idea, because It allows me more space than just in the wardrobe, but the wardrobe is smaller, will be cheaper for me to set up as a first grow and I could get started next week.

Both sites have ample access to water/drains electricity.

As for equipment I have already

Lots of CFL screw in bulbs, a 300W LED grow light (lots of red spectrum I use for indoor vegtables), a 5 level green house for seed starting, dirts, fertilizers etc) I also have a garage full of stuff I can use, and get pretty creative.

So any advice you've got I am all open eared.

thanks in advance!


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I just made 2 room from a closet both room are about 4*5*8 ft

One for veg/clones an one for flowering..

I would definitely suggest planning it out.

Cover your source of light..
Air filtration.. Exhaust and fresh air intake for each room
Grow medium if you have access to setup a draining pan system on bottom that would be ideal for flushing if you don't want to have to move them in an out or grow area.

Good luck interested to see what you decide let me know if I can be of use.

Check out my journal I got some pics of my setup in there... In my second grow journal...
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