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First grow coming to an end

Hey guys and girls! Hope you are well, if you have taken the time to check out my post thanks in advance.

It’s my first time growing I have a 600w hps in a 4x4ft tent. Currently I have 4 ladies in there coming to the end of flower. I got them as clones and was all a bit rushed and had to flip them as soon as I got them. Couple of them were damaged during transport hence the weird shapes but managed to salvage them back I think. Will deffo start from seed next time and train out to the size of my tent with a nice scrog! So leaves are going a weird colour. Not sure if normal i will post a few pics and videos and if there’s anything to know that will help me here it would be much appreciated! Some of the pics are just under a week old. Will update with newer pictures in a few days. Although I’m still happy about my first grow I was hoping for alot more frosty buds. Could have been down to having a few heat problems throughout flower running at 32c some days. Have managed to keep it down under 30c now though.

Thanks for any help in advance, please go easy on me happy growing










You grow well @LoudPackJack

Will you be starting a journal for your next grow?

You think!? Thanks man! As I said above wasn’t as happy as I’d like to be as I would have liked a few more trichomes than present! But they are smelling amazing hoping they frost up in this last week or however long they need. They are meant to all be Gorilla Glue x Zkittles but the back right one is definitely different and have been informed it could be a Gushers cross!

I will definitely do a journal on my next run if I keep getting positive feedback. Will keep you updated on this when I harvest etc thanks again man
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