First Grow - Critical Kush Soil


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Well hello sirs and ma'am's.
It's a pleasure to be here in this fine community.

This will be my first grow , my first journal and hopefully a sucsess
Let me start off with specs first.

600 watt MH for vedge, 600 watt hps for flower
Fox farms ocean soil
4x4x8 grow tent
Fox farm nutes
1 la musa auto
2 critical kush femmed
1 northern lights X skunk 1 femmed

Lighting is 18/6

Soon to come 6" carbon filter, inline fan, insulated ducting.

So far I've had the la musa going for close to 3 weeks
And the critical kush and NLXS1 for 4

At first the la musa stalled out due to overwatering <--nub
The CK is a stretchy little turd it flew out of the gate and I was scared they were going
To fall over so I added more soil for support.

The NLXS1 had an issue, the seed shell didn't come off so easy so I had to remove it.

here's some starter pron.


First two are the same plant (auto la musa)
Wanted an auto just to give me meds while my Critical grows
And three small square pots critical kush
And the NLXS1 top left (little guy)

Thank you for reading and any constructive criticism welcomed!
Re: First grow, critical kush soil


Well the NLXS1 isn't doing so well.
Ever since I removed the seed shell from her top she hasn't budged nor moved a CM
So I have her seperated under 24 hour 6500k cfl LED.
Hopefully she bounces back.


So I have 2 rare dankness hillbilly armor seeds germing at the moment.
The tap roots have busted out within 12 hours.

They are a cross between bubba kush (purple pheno) And Afghani #1 IBL
I'm really psyched get these going and I pray no males!!
Re: First grow, critical kush soil

Heya, Potzilla :ciao:

Grats on newly germed seeds - so exciting!

Hope things turn around for your little NLxS1.

One thing to be careful about is the water on the leaves. Lights shining on water droplets can burn holes in your leaves. I didn't notice a stray drop on my Pascalle once, and it burnt a hole right through her in a couple hours.

Have a great night! :passitleft:
Re: First grow, critical kush soil

Funny you ask!
I was actually just digging for my humidifier.

The humidity suddenly went from 40s to 20s in my room.
I have my masters in mushroom cultivation but I am trying my hand in a different
Study at the moment.
So I have plenty of ways to raise humidy.

The other 3 don't seem to be negatively effected by the decrease
As of now.
Re: First grow, critical kush soil

Hi Potzilla, :ciao:
Congrats on starting your journal! I'd love to follow along.

Looks like your are doing great with your grow. Your babies look very healthy. Even your little one that had the stuck shell may take off after she gets over the trauma. I'd be careful with how long you keep her in the dome though. Her stem looks a bit brown and she could end up dying from damping off.

Good move burying the stems- pot is like tomatos- those buried stems will sprout roots. Oh and adding a small fan in your tent will help strengthen their stems- the plants like a gentle breeze.
Happy growing!:peace:
Re: First grow, critical kush soil

Hello flower!
Great to have you tag along with me!

I forgot to mention in the specs I had an oscillating fan infront of my room beforehand.
I finally found some smaller fans to place within the room.
Fans seem to be harder to find once it gets cold.
But I finally found some to set up within my room.

Yeah, I was kind of at a loss with what to do with her. (NLXS1)
She had been in the room with the rest of the girls up until yesterday.
She looked pitiful so I thought putting her in the dome with the vents open
And the higher humidity might help.
I'm starting to think she was stressed beyond salvation. (Could be wrong)

Flower, I noticed in your grow area you have a humidifier.
Does the moisture put off by said humidifier cause moisture
On any electrical strips or lights?
I would hate to set my girls ablaze!

Thank you,
Re: First grow, critical kush soil

Hi Potzilla!
I agree fans are hard to find when its late fall! From personal experience I know that store clerks tend to look at you like you have 3 heads when you ask for one when theres snow on the ground! :laughtwo:

I don't have any condensation problems from the humidifier but it's on a timer so it only runs when the lights and exhaust fan are on full time. Humidity levels are around 40%.
During lites off the exhaust fan only runs a few minutes 1x a hour so the humidity gets to about 70% just from the plants transpiring.
When I first got the humidifier I put it in the tent without a timer -it got to 100% humidity and soaked the plants as well as all the equipment- nothing bad happened- but If you don't have your exhaust fan in place yet, I would be careful.
Happy growing!:peace:
Re: First grow, critical kush soil

I went to 10 different places and the only thing I could find on short notice
Was a two fan , window fan.
It works so I won't complain.

That's good information.
I've yet to acquire an extraction fan.
I should have one by the middle to end of December.

They are just so pricey for a decent 6".
I have my eye on a 6" active air with a 6" phresh filter and silencer to boot.

But for now maybe I can try and rig something up keeping the door open so
the condensation won't build up on my lights and power strips.

The critical doesn't seem to be hurt to much by the low humidity.
It seems as though it's grown since the picture I uploaded two days ago

The humidity is all out of wack though.
It goes up and down.
Re: First grow, critical kush soil

Well it's week 4 for the la musa and she just got her first
Dose of nutes.
1/4 strength two days ago for the first time and she seems to be responding
Quite nice!

The critical seems to be growing but the leaf patterns are making
Me scratch my head..
Is this normal?
They seen to be growing on one side..
I've rotated them and swapped spots and they just seem to
Stay the same.

The RD H.A has hit soil and they have moved earth and made
Their presence known.
They move pretty fast! Dont know if it's the pre 98 bubba or what
But I'm loving what I see so far!

Hope everyone is having a green day!
Re: First grow, critical kush soil

Heya, Potzilla :ciao:

I think your wee ones are looking good. Great growth on the La Musa.

Are the leaves on the Criticals standing up vertically or they're just growing at an odd horizontal angle? I can't tell from the picture.

I wouldn't worry too much about the growth angling toward one side as long as the leaves are still mostly horizontal. I've had some leaves come in at an angle and it corrected itself by the next node. I think as long as the leaves have a good color and nice perkiness to them they'll be good to go. It will be interesting to see how the next node comes in though.

Have a good night! :allgood:
Re: First grow, critical kush soil

That was an overhead shot.
They are growing normally ,just it seems on one side.
I just found it kind of odd.
They blow out of the gate , stretch so fast I have to bury half the stem
Then only flourish on one side :hmmmm:

I did just add CO2 to my area.
I have two gallon jugs with yeast, sugar, water and aquarium tubing hanging around the girls.
Hopefully I will see a difference in growth as rank as the yeast smells. :laugh:
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