First Grow - Critical Kush Soil

male for sure. glad to hear that the ghost train haze and critical are girls. :thumb:
Happy thurweed (for another minute:)

Cool , 3 for 3 on the male!

Ringing in Friday with some 007 kush my girl from Cali brought in to me!
She did a fine job growing it!
that stinks. how many potential females are left? what wattage are you running?
Well piss...
I really had high hopes for at least some hillbilly nug..
Oh well..
I have 2 confirmed females (ghost train-70day, and critical -max60)
And another unconfirmed ghost train runt that's still 11" and an old blue unconfirmed I veged for 3 weeks and threw in flower.
Wouldn't suck as bad but I nursed both of them through a two month veg...

"Knock on wood"
I have a decent sized order of beans coming..
Like over 20 different strains. (If they get to me..)

I can't really bitch about ratios on the hillbilly only dropping two beans but I'm not getting any more.

Well at least the ghost and critical are females.
And the critical has exploded since flipping.

I'm running 600watt at the moment.
I have another 600watt system I bought around a month ago I'm about to drop in the tent.
I veged them under 75% so 400watts.

Chronic weekend to you cron!
Trying to line out my second grow since this grow has turned out to be a sausage fest!
I only have two confirmed females so I'm going to start vedging and get my second journal under way.
But finishing this one first.

I have
Pink kush - 8 pack
God bud - 13 pack
Gods afgani - 13 pack
Gods blue cheese - 13 pack
The purp-13 pack
BOGs sour strawberry -13 pack
BOGS sour lifesaver - 13 pack

I still have several packages on their way of a mix of different strains.
But these are what I have in my possession at the moment.

I'm looking for yield , bag appeal and strength.
I'm hoping to veg at least ten plants and pick one mother out of the lot.
Just having trouble narrowing down one pack to run.
you should get a good yield with 2 plants under a 600 watt light. you can flower 2 under 400 watts if you want to save some money.

those strains sound dope.
The only issue with the 2 under 600 is ones over 4 foot and the critical is 2 foot
So the critical is suffering.
I'm going to have to place the critical on a little table or bucket to get it the light it needs.

Thanks , I think I'm going to end up dropping 10 sour strawberrys
And look for a mom.
Going to order the king cloner this week and run a scrog of 12 plants under 2 600watts.

Happy tokerday cron!
That's a good idea. You should also lollipop the tall one after 1 week of 12/12.
I've already flipped them...
I flipped them all of them 15 days ago.
The critical is already throwing white hairs all over!
I need to do a decent pictorial update!

I'd be glad to top the ghost train!
That critical was in veg for almost three and a half month!
Didn't grow an inch for two months!
As soon as I flipped her she had streched a little bit but nothing as good as I was hoping.
She almost looks like a little bonzi tree!
And she's supposed to be a critical mass cross which is why the short stature is confusing.

I'm creating a veg area as well.
I'm thinking about two 4', 8 bulb T5 for veg

I've had such a huge order of seeds I'm torn on which to run..
I would love the sour strawberry because it's a razzberry cross and a 45 day flower!
But that god bud is calling my name!
I might just end up flipping a coin! Lol
I would suggest trimming the flowers from the bottom of the tall plant so it sends that energy to the tops. about 1/3 of the plant should be trimmed in one fell swoop.
I would only lollipop the lower 1/3 of the plant. it's best to pick just the bud sights off the lower 1/3, but if that's too much work you can cut the entire branch from the main stalk.
I'm creating a veg area as well.
I'm thinking about two 4', 8 bulb T5 for veg
I just set up a veg tent recently with an 8 bulb T-5 light. My plants loved it and grew bigger leaves than with the MH I used before. The only thing I was surprised by was that I still had to exhaust a fair amount of heat. Temps were around 96 without ventilation. Guess that's to be expected with that many bulbs.
Happy growing!
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