First Grow - Critical Kush Soil

It'll definitely have you running for the hills!

I'm ordering that ebb and flow system next week!
What's the best hydro nutes around?
I'm making a list out and I'm going to try and get everything in one swoop.

I'm going to try and end up with 3 600 watt cool tubes , 12 site ebb and flow and I think I'm going to frame out my grow area rather than buy a tent.
It'll be a huge undertaking but with my contractor uncle I should have everything set up in around a month.

I found a cherry pie clone I'm going to try and make a mother out of.

I'll document everything and set it up as my next grow.
Hopfully it goes smoother than this soil run!
you know i cant really give a fair opinion on that
my main nutes is botanicare which i have been using since i started
trying to keep it organic as possible lol
but someone gave me some free nutes he got from an ex sponsor here there was this big huhu about it
anywho i prefer the botanicare over that one but i haven't tried anything else as of yet
i heard of advanced nutrients self buffering ph nutes
suppose to keep it at the correct ph without having to ad anything
thinking about trying that in the future other people use other stuff tons of stuff out there the main thing is finding what will work for you
with what your setup is
everyone has success with different nutes so its a matter of trying and figuring out what you like
but that's what ive used so far and that is what i want to try in the future
Now two days later I'm noticing new growth on the critical which really hadn't grown a damn inch in a month...
And all the new growth on everything I flushed is light neon/yellowish green.
Is this the color I want?
I just want to make sure they don't go a complete 360 and become nutrient deprived..


Thank you
Good news on new growth right? You'll have funky colors and defs till the roots heal and/or reestablish. Idk if roots heal or not

It's blurry but new tissue looks healthier
Fox farms ocean Forrest

Now that I look at it it is a bit blurry.
I'm worrying about every little thing now lol

I was about to give up on the critical gal.
I've vedged her for going over two months now and she completely stalled out after a month.
I know fox farms recommends flushing after 5 weeks but that's after a week of the first dose of nutes.

I guess I'm just curious as to when I have to start adding nutes to the soil.
At this point I know I'm afraid of using them lmao
you know I grew out a rooted clone in a 2 gallon pot with nothing but the ffof soil and plain water from the tap?
maybe I coulda gave it a bit of bloom booster to get bigger buds but
point being I threw the rooted clone into flower and through flower till the end
just plain tap water and the plant stayed nice and green I doubt it used up all the nutes in the soil
it was just a small rooted clone I decided to throw into a pot instead of the trash
got a bit of smoke off it lol
Ok , I'm going to update the hillbilly 1 first and foremost because of the dramatic change since flushing!
I guess that's what they needed!
Pictures worth a thousand words! Can't believe how this nute burned , heat stressed gal has bounced back!

Now the hillbilly 2
I never really had any issues with this one but she's still thriving and chugging along!

Now the ghost train haze 8
Still the biggest beast in the tent! I have a 2nd light prepared because I know if it a girl she's going to take up the entire area.
He/she is almost 4' tall

And finally the la musa!
All the hairs on her have gone red but I've yet to see any amber on her!


All in all since the flush they have bounced out of their funk and I'm planning on flipping this weekend.
All the strains I have besides the critical are 60-70 day strains so I'm ready to get this flip going!

I have ol blue and Mendo purp on deck for my second run so I'm setting up a veg tent separate from flower to get the blue and Mendo ready!
I think a blueberry-Mendo cross might be in my future!
yeah she's still pumping out pistils. that cola is pretty big compared to how bad her leaves are lol. nice job
Well it's almost like the cola swallowed the leaves around it overnight.
I popped my head in a couple days ago and was like wtf "did I trim all her leaves off?" lol

She was my first plant to hit soil so she took the brunt of most of my newb abuse!lol
Must be genetics or luck! Has me thinking I might get some belladonna seeds because she has taken a lot!

I need to get a bigger scope but here's some up close shots.
good for you man! I love when my plants swallow up my fan leaves. it means they're growing right. it also means she's in her final weeks (or hopefully even week)

when that big cola is ripe you can cut it off and move the mids and lowers up on a bucket or something for one more week for increased weight and potency.
you got the scope on her so you'll be good :)

how many weeks in bloom is she? I like to go 9-10 weeks of bloom.
Don't you just love how they speak the truth?
60 day from germ. Hah!
Oh well it was a free bean so I can't complain and she's taken all sorts of abuse and is still here..

I'm flipping Friday!
And I'm pretty comcerned about the ghost trains size.
I know I've gone WAY past flip but if it turns out to be a female and she doubles in size it'll be 8' tall...
I just have this feeling it's a male though..
Ok ,
The babies got 48 hours strait dark over the weekend and now they are under 12/12 finally.
This flip was way past due!! Should have been done over a month ago but didn't want to flip them in the state they were in.
the flush helped out beyond what I was expecting!
I am super proud how the curled up , crispy hillbilly is doing from just a few weeks ago!
Cannabis is definitely a resilient plant!


Now in comparison to what she looked like a month ago it still blows me away.

The la musa should be on her last week before chop!
She's gone milky with around 10% amber.
I would at least like to get her to 25% amber before cutting her!

I went ahead and threw in a 3 1/2 week old blue baby into flowering.
It was recommended a month veg but I got impatient and I still have 6 in veg.
But she takes 70 days+ to flower so why not..

Thank you B , dres and cron for getting me through the issues and questions I was having.
Hopefully flower goes somewhat smoother!

I have a ton of beans to choose from on my second run but I think I'm going to go with a Mendo purp/chem dog strain I acquired.
Something about a purple chem strain that has me salivating before I even pop them!
Blueberry and purple chem sound like a good line up!

Maybe I'll start a poll lol
I spent a lot on beans here lately
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