First Grow - Critical Kush Soil

The la musa got the chop yesterday!
She was showing all milky heads and almost 25/30% amber.
She doesn't really have a pungent smell at all. Throughout the entire grow she has been low odor.
Almost smells like wet grass with a hint of coffee. Got her hanging like leather face at the moment.

It's been 4 days since I took them off 18/6 and the hillbilly is the first to start showing sex.
It appears to be a male..
But I don't want to make that determination until a while longer.
Hard to take a picture of something that small but you can kind of see it in front of the node.

This is the hillbilly 1
Hello fellow heads,

Welp I have an update 7 days after the flip.
The critical kush - female
Ghost train haze #8 (the monster 4 footer) definitely female.
And the hillbilly one that snapped out of its funk after the flush is possibly a male.
I've taken some pics for expert eyes.


The other hillbilly 2 and the runt ghost train and ol blue have yet to show any signs of sex.
I'm praying for at least one hillbilly male.

At least I have a monster ghost train female!
Kyle Kushman grew a ghost train that tested out 29.5 thc
I know my conditions are no where near kyles but at least there's the possibility.
almost looks like new growth instead of a ball id keep an eye on it daily and see
Happy Sativaday Pz :thumb:
Quick question.
When should I start using flowering nutes?

I've been using strait water for almost most of the plants lives.
And when I do start using them where should I jump into the fox farm trio?

I have the soluble nutes (cha Ching , open sesame and beastie blooms.
I have the schedule but not using it because the soil was so hot where do I jump in?

Thank you in advance!
I would make sure you use a feed that has N P K plus cal and mag. the suggested ppm on that chart is way too high. you'll kill the plants if you use that strong of a mix. I would keep the feeding around 400 ppm.

also return the bottle of sledgehammer. that stuff toasts plants.

what products are you working with?
I haven't had a chance to use many nutes whatsoever.
I used 1/4 the suggested amount on the la musa and fried her..
And with the soil burning the Hillbillys and ghost train I haven't used a thing yet.

The only nutes I have at the moment is the fox farm trio (cha Ching , Beasty blooms, open sesame )
I have humbolt county snow storm and black strap.

That's about all I have.

All the plants are still green.
I haven't noticed them getting super light or yellowing.
Happy Munchday Pz :thumb:
whats snowstorm? and the trio you have isn't that just a supplement for the first 3?
the big bloom grow big and tiger bloom?
I went online and those are super strong concentrated fertilizers. you should just use either the cha ching or the open sesame.
Cha Ching is 9-50-10
And Beasty blooms is 0-50-30
Can't figure out which one would be more useful..

They are very HOT!
I used 1/4 strength on la musa and burnt her to hell..
So in conjunction with ocean Forrest that's a helluva charge!

I'm thinking about ordering the 2 part house & garden nutes.
Heard nothing but good things...

Just seems like everything I've heard about fox farm soluble nutes is lock outs and burns.
I'm sure plenty of people use it with success I just don't want to fry my gals trying to dial shit down.

Snow storm is a foliar spray.
It used to be called gravity and they also carry another called purple maxx.
You can use snow storm 2 weeks before flip until harvest and it's suppose to add crystal production and the purple maxx adds color (to strains genetically inclined to fall colors)

I've seen the results first hand with the snow storm in a side by side comparison.
That's why I picked up a 8oz bottle.
Was going to try it out on a couple of cuttings in bloom to see if it worked for me.
id say if you have to use them cut it down drastically
if not get something more user friendly
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