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First Grow - Crop King White Widow & Hash Plant


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I was thinking that. Those are some happy looking flowers low down on the plants!

If I already have you guys thinking of news techniques, I'm doing my job! I can't wait to make a positive impact on the cannabis world :)

This advice came from a very talented government permitted grower. He said that the increased air flow helps with bud production. So far, he was completely right. The flowers have more than doubled in size this week and are super happy. It's like Christmas every time I check in on them!


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Day 21 from 12-12 switch

Plants seems to be thriving so far, knock on wood. I'm going to be very interested to see the difference in yield between the ww's and hash plants. The hash plants are half as old but seem to be pulling ahead in flower, which was unexpected. Could this be attributed to their coco center? We shall find out:Namaste:



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Very Nice! :bravo: I believe those girls should be getting nice and salty on those fan leaves. I had to reread and noticed that you stated it as 21 days from switch in that last photo update, what day from the switch did they show their hairs?

They are starting to show frost, I can't wait for it to become prominent! They pretty much all had decent hairs within 48 hours or so. I vegged them for so long that many were showing pre flowers before the switch. But it's starting to really take off now, so exciting!


Grow Journal of the Month: April 2017
Do you mean a magnifying tool? I was looking at 60 x's microscopes that clip onto my iphone, I think I should probably get it

60X might work well for the phone - magnification through the camera lens is always less than apparent magnification to my eye.
30-40X is about the maximum magnification to view directly. Anything higher and it is tough to hold steady enough to see.

As long as it works to see trichomes, it is a useful tool. :)


Grow Journal of the Month: April 2017
Do these look ok for week 6 of flower? Last photos before my new camera arrives :high-five:

Do they start to fatten up soon?


The quality and happiness of your buds and leaves are great !

It's really hard to tell size over the internet. Can you do the classic bud vs bic lighter photo?

When it comes to harvests you want quantity and quality. Quantity is both size and density of the buds. For size, show us the bic lighter comparison. For density, you kind of have to look at how tightly packed the nugs are (is there space between the leaves?) Some people try to firmly squish their buds, but I don't like the idea of crushing the trichomes that you are trying to prepare for harvest.

Experience helps a lot in estimating the density of buds. Comparing to previous harvests is one of those skills best developped by being around lots of harvests.

Try not to harvest early, 10% fatter buds can mean 10% more grams harvested. The next week could quite literally double the potency of your smoke. The two weeks after than can increase potency a bit more and change the quality of the high gradually from a buzzy, head high to a deep rich couch lock (indica) or pile on even more head high (sativa.) Having a strong magnifying lens will allow you to see changes at the trichome level. As harvest approaches, the fun things to watch are bud growth (including foxtails), number of trichomes (frostiness), and the appearance of trichomes up close.

Be prepared for your buds to shrink after harvest. Wet weight is usually about 4X dry weight. Wet size can stay the same or it can shrink - often by 1/3. Don't worry about this. The buds will lose weight. The buds may shrink. But the trichomes (the oil / the hash) stays the same :)

Size of buds matters most in terms of surface area to grow trichomes. As I said before 10% fatter buds can mean 10% more grams harvested - which in terms of sales means 10% more profit.
In contrast
20% more trichomes means 20% more high, with maybe a 4% increase in weight - only 4% profit in terms of sales.
20% more potent trichomes means a 20% more potent high, with no increase of weight. Zero profit except for savvy return customers.

When growing to sell, size and weight matter. :cheer:
When growing to use, it's all about how many trichomes and how much they kick your ass. :circle-of-love:
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