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First Grow DWC Banana Kush and Purple Aurora


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Hey guys, This is my first grow and grow journal ever. I have 2 plants, one is Banana Kush and the other is Purple Aurora.

here's a rundown of my setup-

1 600W MH light for vegging
1 600W HPS light for flowering
lights on 24h for veg and 12/12 for flower

HM digital PPM/temp
eco test PH meter


AN Sensi grow A&B

AN Sensi bloom A&B
AN Bud candy
An Kushie Kush

My hydro setup:

I'm running a DWC in one of my bedrooms. I have 36L storage bins with squares cut out of the lids for the netting pots. Each bin has holes drilled in it for airlines to run down to the airstones, theres 4 airstones per plant.

my room is at a pretty constant 78F with 1 12in oscilating fan.

i'll upload pictures of each week and updates as to what im doing with the plants. Hopefully everything goes well and turns out nice. Any comments would be appreciated!

Week 1

Just got my clones from the store and finally have them in their bins. They look a little droopy but promising i hope. The aurora is a little tall but hopefully fills out and the kush looks alright i'd say. the roots are about 6 inches long and look healthy

i have 28L of water in the bin which is just enough to cover the bottom of the netting pot by about half an inch. for the nutes i added 40ml of sensi A and 40 ml of sensi b along with 15ml


Week 2

The plants seem to have caught on with the system and have improved greatly. again i used to same ratio as above for my nutes some other notes. i keep my water at a constant ph of 5.2-5.8. i use regular tap water at a ph of 7.2 and a ppm of 75. when i mix my nutes the ppm has been between 315-350. with a water temp of 21C ( meter only reads in C :/)



Week 3

This week they look great. theyve really taken off this week. The roots have shot through the bottom of the netting pot and are growing constantly. I cant believe how fast the plants are growing. for the nutes this week i used 18L of water and 35ml of each sensi A&B with 15ml h2o2 with the water still at 18C. I also had a ph problem this week and the ph wouldnt stop rising. The bigger fan leaves show a little yellowing but i stopped it pretty quick so the damage was minor.



Week 4

The plants are coming along great. Im goin to tie down some branches this week and probably top the aurora pretty soon here. the growth looks great and the stems are gettin nice and thick. so far so good. for water i kept the sae ratio as last week.



Week 5
So this week a lot went on. I topped the aurora and lollipopped of about 6 inches or so from the bottom of each stem and trimmed a few of the smaller or older leaves off. I dont have pics of it yet but i have 8 of the aurora branches tied down and it looks great, this plant is really turning out well. the banana kush is really bushy and has stayed nice on its own. i have about 8 clones now from the trimmings and will be throwing them into another dwc bucket. the plants are now in their own bucket as well. For water i have 14L of water and 30ml of each sensi A&B. i like to have the water lower at this time because as the plants drink it up i add fresh ph'ed water.






Next week i will start the flowering of my plants. they are about 16 inches tall now so hopefully their around 20" when i start. i will add pics in about a week or so and a few updates. finally the fun part begins. any comments are welcomed!


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Re: First grow DWC Banana Kush and Purple Aurora.

thanks paw-paw. gimme a few more days here and i'll have an update here pretty soon but as far as today goes the plants look great!


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Re: First grow DWC Banana Kush and Purple Aurora.

looking good, can't wait to see that banana kush!! :high-five: :roorrip:

what brand of bulbs are you using?

what do you think of the sensi grow(pH control, overall plant health)?


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Re: First grow DWC Banana Kush and Purple Aurora.

yeah the banana kush is looking good im really excited as well.

the bulb were using is a plantmax 600W MH

sensi grow so far has been good its the only nutes ive really used so i cant compare against any others but my plants look great and i guess thats what matters. the ph perfect in it seems to work well it does help balance the water when we first mix the nutes. and overall no plant problems. we had an iron problem early on but that was cuz tap water now we have RO water.


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Re: First grow DWC Banana Kush and Purple Aurora.

Sorry for the delay on my next update i've been busy doing a number of things but here we go.

a lot has happened this last week or so, I changed the light to a 600W HPS light, the light schedule to 12/12 and have changed the nutes to my bloom nutes. I'm using AN sensi bloom A&B, AN bud candy, AN kushie kush, AN big bud. I have the ppm at 550-600 and the ph at 5.3

The plants look great but since i've changed the light the pictures have those dark lines through them. their both continuing to grow like crazy so hopefully they catch on quick. here are some pics. i'll be adding root pics and a few more later today










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Sorry guys for such a long delay, ive been really busy lately and just not keeping up with my journal.

So as of right now im about 3 weeks out from harvesting my plants they look amazing and i couldnt be happier. ive also been looking for a better camera but with no luck, i plan on borrowing a friends later tonight but for now i just have pictures off my phone camera like ive been taking.

both plants are around 1000 ppm or so and seem to be loving it, the whole room smells of sweet delicious buds the wait is becoming unbareble. as always any comments or tips are greatly appreciated!

Now for the good stuff:


Tonight ill have a better camera and ill upload a good amount of pics since these dont do nearly enough justice to how the plants look. but here for now!


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Get some cheap POLARIZED sunglasses and put a lens in front of the camera lens to get rid of the lines.....Looking good otherwise


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thanks for the tip i just figured it was like that since i was using a phone camera, tonight ill have some better pics when i turn the light back on.


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Hey guys, back again with another update. so right now the plants are gettin close to the end, everything looks well so far. a few of the bigger fan leaves are starting to yellow and about 1/2 of the hairs have turned, also the trichs are clear/cloudy. all in all im happy with what i got so far.

Here's the goods.


comments/tips always appreciated!

Che Bubblez

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comments/tips always appreciated!

Yea, Flip your pictures like you did your lights ;)..Love Your set up using less water is easy on the bill under a 600watt hid is nice my res is like 15 gallons per week which can be a PITA, but cant knock the results..looking nice and icy they'll fill out in no time, all is well in Mary land... other than having to tilt our heads..:goodjob:


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thanks guys for the replies and yeah i gotta turn my pics fer sure, gotta stop taking them sideways. hmm t5's, you have some pretty good results with those?? i'm using the 600W just cuz its what i have and figured itd work out alright. nice to have you along che bubblez, sky rocket and thanks paw paw keep checking back for more updates also i've started up my second grow already. look up my name and you should find it. 2nd grow blueberry pineapple express. cant wait for these ladies to be done already!!!


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also for an update on the ladies. about 40% of the Aurora's hairs have turned with the trichs being still mostly clear with a just a hint of cloudy ones. i bought a 13$ microscope from radioshack to check the trichs and it works wonderfully with 60-100x mag it cant get much better. the Banana Kush has about 25% of its hairs turned and still all clear trichs but damn is she gettin frosty, entire leaves are covered in frost and it just keeps gettin better. i'm really happy with these 2 ladies and what i've learned from them will certainly help with my next grow.
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