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First grow ever... AK-47

Hello....got a new camera today so figured it would be a good time to start a journal.

Here are the specs.

Age: 2.5 weeks from sprout
Lights: 400 Watt MH for veg....2 600 watt HPS for Flowering, and carbon filter for odor contrl
Soil: Fox farms ocean forest
Nutes: Fed once with Fox Farms grow big
pH is around 6.9 and temp is usually around 78-79 during the lighting hours

Have a constant flow of air being run across the plants to increase stem strength.

and here are the pics!

Hope you guys enjoy the journal...any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Ummmm. Can never get enough looking at these perfect little plants. Exquisite comes to mind. And the greenness, little emerald jewels. :smokin:
Probably be posting updates and new pics every 4 or 5 days... hope everyone enjoys watching the progress. Hopefully they dont die though...this is the first attempt


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Probably be posting updates and new pics every 4 or 5 days... hope everyone enjoys watching the progress. Hopefully they dont die though...this is the first attempt
Don't doubt yourself, those plants look very healthy. Excellent work for a first timer.

I remember my first grow was supposed AK-47 seeds and I grew them in a closet using really old flouros and Miracle Grow. I also knew not a thing about flushing before harvest, HID lighting, or what soil to use. You are already light years ahead of my first attempt. :3:


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ratty dog luv

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hey fellas i'm currently into my third week and up untill a few days ago all looked very much like this fellas. Then they started to shoot, I mean really chucking out folliage. Had a few problems with heat so I was suprised at this. Where I live its pretty hard to keep things under 90 degrees. So anyway I noticed that the first few leafs (the origional textured leafs) on some of the plants were shoe staring (bending down), and turning a bit yellow! As like I said they really took me by suprise with thier growth rate I thought this might be down to there not being enough room for the roots so I transplanted today! Can anyone put my mind at rest with this ? Cheers...


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heya ratty

pics help tell for sure,
but younger stuff often dies away like that... as the plant increase size parts may become obscured from the light, or the plant decides it doesnt need it anymore.

health issues easily show up in the newest growth, usually thats your best indicator.

sounds well enough.. but better work on that temp! =)

ratty dog luv

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Nice looking Janjaweed, Thats kind of what I was thinking. Just got a bit scared when the first three fingerd leaf started turning over to the yellow peril. Temps been a problem although I've always had good airflow. But since the town's been averaging around 30 degrees this dont seem to be enough. Bit better since I put a fridge fan in the roof for an exhust and since I transplanted and had to move the roof (shelf) up. Things are a bit less Claustrophobic now. Tomorow i'm gonna "aquire" some ducting from work so I can take the exhust as for away as poss. Also while i'm at it I was wondering if you know whether or not its possible to put the exhust from a flower room into the veg room during the dark period of the flower for c02??
Cheers ears....
Ratty Dog Gown 4 Now...


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Hi there! I grew 3 female & 1 male AK-47's last Spring along with 3 female G-13HashPlant's . . . however the AK-47 ended up pollinating ALL! Oh, My! So now, I've got 100's of AK-47 & G-13HP x AK-47 seeds! The "buds" were "tiny" on the original plants -ugh! A good learning experience - for me, though! This Spring, I'm more knowlegable! :cool: =Judy=
If you guys didnt read in my other post...there was a tragic accident....

the vaccum cleaner ate the top off one of the plants.

through some careful work, thinking she(hopefully) will be saved....pictures coming soon.
hey guys....its the kids 3 week anniversary of being ...heres a few pics from toay

first off...the poor buddy who got its head ripped off with the vaccum

the rest

what do you guys think so far? ok for a first timer?

ratty dog luv

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any of you guys and girls know who would be the the wise old fellow that i can email with my question about switching the air from my veg room for c02?


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Did this grow live brother?
If so, please update us with some pictures and info...

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates...

Thanks and hope all is well in your world brother!...

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
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