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First grow ever: auto or photo

My soil just came (fox farms ocean forest and natures living soil) i mix tomorrow so i can let it sit and liven up for a few weeks. I wanted to do autos to get my feet wet. (and just incase i it fuck up) but i read those can be really difficult if the soil isn't right. what do y'all think. auto or photo?

Chris Scorpio

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I've done a bunch of auto in FFOF soil, no real issues at all

But photos are fun as well but need dedicated veg flower times

Fun fun fun
I've done a bunch of auto in FFOF soil, no real issues at all

But photos are fun as well but need dedicated veg flower times

Fun fun fun
That was why i wanted to do autos i wanna be involved and see the process but still be able to work and things without looking in every second. Any suggestion on the first seed i should pop if is auto


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Get something big mate. Shit goes wrong on your first grow so you're better off with something sturdy. It'll give you an extra couple weeks before they bloom which means you've got more time to figure out what you're doing.

Everything on the menu for Dutch passion and Seedstockers is designed with yield in mind. Seen pretty much all their autos done at over a pound. Done a few of them myself too.
Wouldn't expect that on your first grow but the point being those are hard growing autos that will put up with just about any daft mistakes you make and keep on going.
If you get something smaller and faster finishing it doesn't leave you much room for error.
It's not that growing weed is difficult, just a lot for most to get their heads round at first so we tend to fuck up a bit at the start. Bigger is safer :)


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Not too concerned with the yield this go, Its more just to see the process
you might get to know the life cycle of cannabis better if you try growing with a photoperiod strain because you have complete control over the vegetative and flowering stage. with autoflowers you don't really know exactly when the flowering period starts. i say do one photo and one auto and let the auto do it's thing while you veg the photoperiod strain.
just plant something and if you have any questions ask somebody on here. lots of people here like to help beginners. happy growing


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AUTOs genetics are not the best. Can be hit or mostly miss. They make nice window plants. That's just me.

Like mentioned, you're going to see how cannabis grows with a photoperiod plant.

Rudaralis genetics are what makes plants AUTO. That's comes from the Russian steppes region. Very short growing season. Plants adapted to it. Prolly not the same conditions you're growing in. Food for thought
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