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Hey everyone! Its been five more days and we have seen lots of new growth! The plants seem to be coming along quite nicely. We took some pictures right before this update and then watered the girls. Hope you enjoy:popcorn:


TNT Kush-Still the smallest of the girls


Veneno-Seems to be the strongest of our girls still


Exodus Cheese- She is power housing the growth and trying to keep up with Veneno

Height Shot

Upskirt HAHA

HA my attempt at lousy humor!
So im looking for a little help on this one guys, we have noticed that the plants leaves seem to be turning to the side at the beginning of the leaf. Is this a concern? Thanks Everyone! :tokin:


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Those girls are looking good. Not sure about the leaf turn, although plants will generally start growing directly to the light source if they're not directly below it. All of the leaves on my PK will turn to the light source if moved over too far. Do you have a better picture of the description?


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hey keep in veg 4 at least 5 weeks and go to youtube check ready set grow and ready set grow vol2 teaches u a few more things


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wow looking good thats a good color green
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