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First Grow Every! Indoor Caramelicious Seeds in Soil


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Hi everyone!

After :roorrip:for quite awhile I've decided to defray my herbage costs and attempt a small indoor grow. I've been following grow journals on this site for the past year and finally have gathered together the courage I need to get started.

I ordered 10 Caramelicious seeds online and when they arrive I will be using the paper towel method to germinate 6 of them. Scotts Potting Soil in red Solo cups will be used to start the seedlings going. I have a T8 Fluorescent fixture with 2-32 watt bulbs for the first couple weeks of growth at 18/6. I hope this will work (I know a lot of people use T5 for higher efficiency and better lumen output but wasn't within my limited budget).

When it's time for vegging I have a 400 Watt MH and plan on using 18/6. For flowering I have a 400 Watt HPS and plan on using 12/12.

Will this be enough power if I end up with 6 fully flowering plants or am I going to end up with popcorn buds? I'm expecting some males so I would have to be super lucky to have 100% females. If space/power limit how many plants I can have I can always cull the unhealthiest females when they show their sex.

Also planning on trying LST for this grow. I will secure the main stem following the circumference of my 5 gallon final pots until I see enough side branches to fit my desires. I don't want to exceed 100g of bud, since here in OH <100g is merely a civil citation with no criminal record.

I will get some pics when set up is complete if I can get my digital camera working again. Let me know if you have any advice for me at this point or if anything I said up above is just plain wrong.

I'm a noob at this and have a notoriously un-green thumb so I welcome any and all advice!

I still need to get nutes so if anyone has any recommendations for nutes for veg and nutes for flowering it would be appreciated!

Peace, Love, and Pot for All!!! :cheer:
- Higuy969


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Just realized I posted this in the completely wrong forum....I'm not sure how to move it to the Journals in Progress section. If someone could help me with that it would very much be appreciated.
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