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First Grow - Fem Bubblelicious & Auto Easy Bud - CFL & FL - Indoor Tent


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Hello all. First of all, thanks for all of your posts and knowledge. Because of all of you I decided to take on an indoor grow. After finding a few reliable seed banks I have germinated two different types of seeds and plan to grow them together. Here is where I am and what I have planned for the near future.

What strain is it? Nirvana Bubblelicious & Bonza Auto Easy
Indoor or outdoor? indoor CFL & a Hydrofarm FLT24 2ft * 4 tube T5 bulbs
Soil or Hydro? soil
If soil... what is in your mix? organic potting soil & organic vermiculite
If soil... What size pot? 12" for the autos and 8" for the bubs
Size of light? The FLT24 and a mix of 23W 6500k cfls and 45 w 3500k cfls (still need to hang my lights in my tent)
Is it aircooled? yes - small oscilating fan and 4" inline vent fan for carbon filter (not yet installed)
Temp of Room/cab? 68-72 degrees
RH of Room/cab? approx 68%
PH of media? Unknown (Need to test)
Any Pests ? No
How often are you watering? when top soil feels dry
Type and strength of ferts used? not started (again suggestions welcome)

Aug 20 2013
- Germinated bubblelicious seeds between two papertowels (both sprouted in 36 hours)

August 22 2013
- Planted both seeds in soil in solo cups and watered heavily

August 25 2013
- Both seeds spouted and started showing leaves, left in plastic storage box to be able to have very high humidity

August 29 2013
- Both sprouts put on a lot of stem

Sept 1 2013
- Put the auto easy seeds directly into 12" dirt pots, soil made of fox farm organic and a lot of vermiculite

Sept 4 2013
- Auto seeds already sprouted

More updates and photos coming soon. Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to sharing my experience here.

questions ,comments , advise always welcome


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As of today here is where things stand. My tent has arrived in the mail and I plan to set it up this weekend. The bubbles are growing nicely, but the stems seemed to lose the ability to support the leaf body, so I staked them up. Any suggestions on that? If they fall over will they gain strength and stand back up? The auto's are also growing nicely. Here is a close up of the bubbles.

And here is the current setup on my shop table with the autos in the background. Above the picture I have a few CFLs running to provide extra light.

My question now is when will the first pair need nutes? Thanks all!


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KingJohn, thanks for the advice on the stems. The autos are showing the same behavior so I'll have to support them for a while as well.

Tric, welcome and thanks.

Today I got my tent in the mail and have it set up. I have not received my carbon filter so I rigged my exhaust fan to just sit on the top and then pull through ducting into the tent. The reason.... Temps instantly jumped up into the 80s in the tent. I'm going to leave it for a few hours and see if the temps balance out.

Here is the setup in the tent with the 4 T5 and two 2800 lumen 5500k CFLs. Tomorrow I need to support the little autos.

Here is one of the two little autos that has fallen over, it will get some support tomorrow.

Here is auto #2

Here is the bubblelicious #1 up close

Here is bubble #2

My temps and humidity in a basement that is 70% humidity and 70 degrees

And the rigged exhaust fan which is pulling the fabric of the tent in tight!

Thanks all!


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Just figured I'd post an update for the week. Things are pretty steady state with my plants and my tent. I received my carbon filter in the mail and quickly realized that a 2'x4' grow tent isn't really appropriate to hang lights and a carbon filtration system. I've tried to dry fit the filter, fan and lights and there just isn't enough room. Also, I could probably get it all in there, but I'm concerned the PVC support of the tent will not support the weight of everything.

As a result, I'm planning to build a cabinet out of 1"x3"s and MDF. I'm hoping to reuse the material from my grow tent and just mount it to the wood of the cabinet. Ultimately, I'm excited to be able to screw into wood for mounting points.

Here is the picture of my ladies. The autos are starting to take off and the fem bubblelicious' are really putting on size. I watered on Tuesday night and next week I plan to do my first round of ferts.



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What does soil say you bought? Does it have nukes in it?
If no nukes I would do like KingJohnC suggested. I have been growing Bubblelicious for a couple/few years now....was lucky enough to get a mostly indica Phenotype (The observable physical or biochemical characteristics of an organism, as determined by both genetic makeup and environmental influences.)But i also grew the most common Phenotype which is sativa dominant. Personally the indica was for me and culled the other 3 sativa ones. Have some I am smoking right now....love the taste of this strain. Only grew one auto so don't know about the other strain you have..Looking great so far.....A light breeze will help stems thicken to support more weight.:thumb:


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Slim, the soil is Fox Farm with a bit of extra vermiculite in it. I am just starting to use General Hydroponics Flora Series. The stems have started to support themselves and I've taken off the supports. The Bubs are really starting to put on size. Here is a pic from last night. Thanks all.


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Nice....I used GH 3 part flora series ....I had good results with it....When it came time to buy more i went back to my usual nukes which was also GH but the Flora Nova 2 parts stuff....which i liked better....but it is more money :( Little ladies looks super...keep up the good work :goodjob:


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Hello all. A pretty big update today. My fem bubblelicious plants have already started to throw off quite the delicious scent, which is great, but was becoming noticeable on other floors of my house. I had ordered a 4" inline carbon filter, but my grow tent was never going to be able to support the weight of it and my 4" inline fan. So, I figured I'd take on a bit of a construction project and build a grow box out of 2x4s and 1/2 inch plywood. The box is 48" wide, 24" deep and 70" tall. I have the drawings I used to build it if anyone would like them. Here is the box assembled:


I was lucky enough to find a used grow tent on craigslist that didn't have a frame, but did have mylar vents and a 48" front door. I began disassembling it and reusing parts as I needed them. Without this, I'm not sure how I would have finished it.

I used a staple gun and began lining the box with the mylar. In the back I drilled a pile of 1" holes and had them not line up with the built in vent on the old tent. This way air could make its way in, but light wouldn't have a direct line:

Then I started drilling 5 1/2" inch holes for the main vent in (bottom right) and out (top left). Based on where I wanted to put this I made the out vent point in a direction that I could run 4" vent piping out of my house if the carbon filter doesn't resolve all of the smell. Again, I cut up the old tent and stapled the canvas pieces onto the wooden box.

Because the old grow tent already had Velcro flaps, it made it very easy. Without these I have a feeling I would have been using a lot of duct tape.

The door went on perfectly, but it was for a 84" tall tent. As a result I have some extra that lays on the floor. It works out OK because I'm not zippering that seam onto anything, it just acts as another light filter and vent.

Moving a giant wooden box into place wasn't a lot of fun, but after some drywall damage I got it into its new home and started to rewire all the pieces and hang my fan and filter. I can't imaging how people do this in grow tents, they must have much more patience than I do. The good new is that with a wooden frame, walls and roof you can just drill directly into it to hang your hardware. Here is the fan and filter mounted:

The vent line that is all that is required for now:

Electrical pieces, now nicely mounted to the wall:

And a picture of my hangers:

Finally, and most importantly, my plants are doing wonderfully. The big bubs are growing like crazy and responding well to their nutes. As I moved them into their new tent I replanted them into their full size (and final) pots. The roots on them had filled the old 8" pots and looked white and healthy. The autos are also doing quite well. They aren't putting on size as quickly as I had hoped, but are starting to pick up speed.

I hope everyone is good. Let me know if you have any questions/comments. My question for you. How long before the bubs should be switched to flower?


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Looking great......Nice Box!:high-five: I would wait a couple weeks on the bubs....They will stretch if they are the sativa dominate phenotype, but from seed you want to wait 4-5 weeks minimum IMHO before flowing.


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can you please share your design drawings... im looking to get out of my PC soon lol.. my plants are eating up the little room they have. thank you


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Sorry for the delay everyone. I lost that entire batch of plants due to power outages and I was so disgruntled I went away for a while. I'm back with a new plant and progress has been great. KingJohn, I appreciate the advice on the color temps. The main light is a 2*4 ft flouro that is 8000 lumens and is rated at 6400k. I've supplemented it with a mix of spectrum CFLs. For this grow I didn't have the chance to switch the light spectrum from grow to bloom.

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