First Grow, First Journal & Hoping For First Harvest


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so, that looks like a phosphorus deficiency... how could this have occurred?


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That's a good question. Unfortunately I don't have a good answer. In fact I have no answer. It was all good 10 days ago. We had to leave town for a while and this is what I came back to. I tested the water pH when I saw the plants and it was 6.61 I am thinking pH was too high. I did tell the kid pH is very important. I will get some pH booster tomorrow.


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yes, that would be the problem... pH. In soil adjust to 6.3 and in soilless, adjust to 5.8


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I have to go away again for a week. UGH. What I am going to do is I have SIX 4 liter water bottles. From my calculations I can get about 8-9 days of watering. That also includes a full bucket with 20 liters in it. I have told the kid. It is pH'd correctly in the bucket. I added bloom A to jug 1 of water, Jug 2 has bloom B in it. Jug 3 is water and all three have been properly pH'd and jug 4,5,and 6 are the same. Once the bucket starts sucking air (aquarium irrigation pump) she is to add jugs 1,2 and 3. Then repeat when it starts sucking air again. I told her I watered today, She is to water Saturday morning to dry it out a bit. May have over watered to flush. I will call her about future watering so we can discuss what's going on. Fortunately it's only 6 days away. Like WHAT CAN GO WRONG. Well where should I start. Told the wife next grow. I don't go away. She can go to the other house by herself. At least it will be winter then and 180 miles of Highway thru hell. Highway Thru Hell | Discovery Canada | Watch Full Episodes


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Well I came back and immediately got out the axe. It's chop down day. Anyhow after worrying all week while we were away it's not too bad. Some of the leaves died and shriveled up. I know it's not the best pic. I will be getting some Mason jars tomorrow. I also have a lousy scale so won't have an accurate weight but some of the buds are massive. At least in the garage I can change the air easily.


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Were you able to get a weight of your harvest? I'm wondering what you ended up with in terms of grams per watt using your home-built lighting.


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I just weighed it now with a not so great kitchen scale. It was just over a pound with 4 plants. 457 grams. That is pretty much a guess as we have been into it a bit and gave a bit to my wife's son. Yes he is old enough. lol. It is also probably a little drier than it should be too.

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today we are 15 days old. Came up with bottle watering and used 1 ml of grow A and 1 ml of grow B along with 2 ml of Diamond nectar. So far they seem to agree with that feeding. The bottle is a 2 liter Brisk icetea. lol. Got the water device from wish dot com and to look a head. I figure if I harvest 2 lbs. I am looking at 4 thousand cookies.
Like the waterer lol what is it?
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