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First grow, first post, and first aeroponics!


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I'm new to this site. And this is my first grow. I will be starting a grow journal in the proper section
Here is my introduction.

First grow
10 plants 3 white widow, 3 sweet blue angels, 1 blue venom, 1 lemon kush, 1 Obama kush
And one alien dawg. All from soil clones started in rockwool, and transferred to aeroponics.

T-5 8 bulb light with 6700k bulbs for veg
T-5 8 bulb light with 3000k bulb for flower

Room has 4" fan for outlet
An oscillating fan for stimulation And a small fan just to help keep temps down on my ladies.

Temps were 81-83
Humidity was 27 - 35
Added cool mist humidifier
Temps now 75-77
Humidity now 44-48
Feeding AN micro, grow, bloom
An voodo juice, pirahnna,b-52, no shock for transplant.
Adding bud candy a tiny bit cause I read somewhere it feeds the voodo and pirahnha.
My flowering will include most of this plus big bud and bud candy at the reccomended dose.
And final phase for the flush in the last two weeks.

System: DIY aero (not with high pressure pump.) more like aero and hydro in one.
6" pvc tube with 1/2 pvc running through the inside with micro sprinklers..
35 gallon res holds about 15 gallons after pump and stuff is in.
Res temp spikes pretty high about 80 so to tackle that I drop bottles of ice in it two times a day.
I have a 5" round air stone and an 10" air bar to oxygenate the water.

Have ph kept at 5.8 well since I got pen. Once I got it I'm pretty sure it was like 8.3
I have slowly been bringing ppms up started at around 200. Just kept raising it with bloom and grow and it was at 480 once I did first change. Now I'm at 780 and going to leave it there till next nute change.

My plants looked really stressed but seem to be pulling out since adding humidity and changing light cycle from 24/0 to 18/6.
Lights are about 4" above scrog and screen is about 3" above the back plant.

Thanx for checking me and my grow out. Most of the info I got for my grow came from the wise information of the people of this web sight. I need to figure out how to do pictures and I'll add some. Look for my grow journal.



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:welcome: looking forward to your new journal! Make sure that no light can penetrate the lid, or the sides of the Rubbermaid Tub, I got a lot of brown-slime-algae in the same tub, I'm not sure it was from my nutes or light, here's a link with some pics, good luck.:thumb:

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I started my journal no clue yet how to put the link in my sig. Guess I'll try to figure that out tonight.
Trichromes - I have noticed a sort of chalk like brown substance in my res. was attributing that to he b vitamins I've been using. Also I have dirt in there from transplanting from soil. Luckily I put a filter in my DIY setup. I'll make sure to clean it well upon my res change in a couple days. I never considered light getting in... I'm going to have to remake this system once I'm done. Is like to some day sell one but this current one has way too many flaws. Next one I build will be out of square pvc posts. Should be raiser to make water right seals. Also need it to be almost plug and play right from the box. Pretty much so easy a caveman could do it lol.
Lady jane- thank you. I do most of my posting off my phone so some stuff gets autocorrected on me and I have issues posting pictures and stuff off phone. But I'll figure out how to get it all stream lines lol.
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