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First grow from a few random seeds


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Our state legalized recreational marijuana use and I wanted to try my hand so I purchase some feminized autoflowering seeds two 300 watt LED variable setting lights in a 96 x 56 x 48 top of the line grow tent. But I wanted to make sure I could actually do it properly so I had a Tesco around 10 seeds that I had phone randomly in bags that I would get over the air. When I'd find one seed in 3oz bag I would stick it aside. So I terminated them properly by letting them stand in water for a few days then letting them sit in a wet paper towel for a week while the Tails grew out long. At the time I didn't know easy trick for determining male or female sex prior to planting so I just planted all eight and figured I would deal with it when they started the flower. It is very easy to tell which ones are going to be. They are growing tall and spaced-out much faster than the others which are growing short and thick and with less spaces between branches. I have been sticking to minimum watering every other day the other day I watered it heavy and today I started to notice discoloration droopiness and what seemed like burning. Seeds were planted on the 22nd of January and the smaller ones were planted on the 15th of February


I'm a noobie myself but my initial thought is either overwatering or they're getting rootbound. Pics would help. Also, what size pots are they in and how much water are you giving them? The more info you can give the better.
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