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First Grow From Seed, Mixed Genetics


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Hello there everyone.

This will be my first grow on my own and my first ever grow from seed. Hurray!

Originally there were going to be 14 pots with 16 seeds between them but unfortunately one was lost. Maybe someone has seen this before, one of the seedlings ejected itself from the soil after planting a few roots. Very odd, the soil is deffinetly soft enough and the tap root wasn't exposed to uv at all...wonder if it was just a poor mutation.

As of today there are three beautiful, healthy, and very quick growers.
The first two to pop are already starting to show their first true leaves before their cotyledon leaves have finished opening. Those two I will be naming Mover and Shaker. Mover responds to light movement dramatically, even chasing the
sun across the sky each day. Shaker is an odd but strong one, bent over and
twisting while growing, and looking like she'll spring upright at any moment.

Can't wait to see the other seedlings and I will be posting pics soon. :Namaste:


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Hello all.

Sorry for the late update.
As of now we have seven tall seedlings in the green house and seven still in the window. The seven out in the room are named Shaker, Mover, Munchy, Reptar, Charlie Sheen, Yama and Miko (mee-ko).

Shaker is now a beautiful 4" tall seedling with very distinct sativa traits already starting to show. Two long and symmetrical true leaves are already much bigger than the cotyledon. Like Mover and Munchy I think I left Shaker in the window too long which led to the excess amount of heat and humidity to have the seedlings stretch a bit. When I moved them into the cooler greenroom this morning I noticed the base of the stalk near the soil was thinner than the higher parts. I am hoping this is because of the stretching, as they are much thicker now in the afternoon, but another possibility has come to my attention. In the soil, which is 2/3 miracle grow and 1/3 top soil from the floor of a chicken coop, I have begun to notice some very small, white, and 6 legged larva crawling around. They look like fly larva left in the soil and now has awakened by the movement and water. So, in light of this, to be rather safer than sorry I am soon going to the store to purchase some white sand to cover the top of the soil and, hopefully, choke them out whilst still providing air to the soil.

Mover has not suffered as much stretching but has certainly spent a lot of juice tracking the suns path each day. A slight 70 degree bend just bellow the leaves is really the only sign of this though. The her first true leaves are still a little smaller than the cotyledons but are catching up quickly. I think to discorage this tracking behaviour before it spreads I will be turning a fan on them tonight.

Munchy is much a hybrid of the two before him and fortunately has no stress except for a little stretching. He shows some purple highlights for about an inch of stalk right beneath and in the middle of the leaves with some red bordering the purple.

Reptar is the in between but a lot stronger than the other three were at his stage. His four leaves are equally waxy, fat, green, and long.

Miko is perfectly healthy and one full day out in the sun. Charlie Sheen on the other hand is bent over and one true leaf is stunted. Maybe one to cull from the herd. I am learning that there will always be sacrifices.

Of those still in the warmer window only three have yet to pop. One of the seedlings came out tap root first and I doubt to see it recover after being in the sun but it's efforts are still ongoing.

I hope things will be calmer around here next time so I can take some pics and the next post will be greater in depth to make up for this short analysis.

Goodnight and peace to all. :)


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Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!

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