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First Grow G13 Labs Blue OG


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I'm just here showing what I have done so far on my first grow I started with bag seeds but they turned out to be boys so a friend of mine gave me a clone of his G13 labs blue og I got a couple of clones off her before I flowered her I'm using advanced nutrients grow, micro,bloom,bud candy,big bud,overdrive, piranha,voodoo juice,nirvana,B52, Botanicare sweet berry cal mag and Canna' s cannazym week 3


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I'm using canna coco and perlite 50/50 150w hps five gallon pot I use dry ice in my closet once a week for co2 my grow rooms are connected veg and flower I take my plant out and put it another closet for dark Ness I got two fans and ac going in my room keep it between76-80℉ in my grow room I don't know how cold it gets at night my ph levels always 5.7-6.2 I'm here just seeing if I can get a little advice if u see something I'm doing wrong and to see of anyone else has tried this strain if not I'm a rookie but I think it's going well thank u for ur time happy growing


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New update day 42 I have a question for one of experienced growers I can't get my leaves tips to stay green they are Brown and I have thought it was nute burn but I lowered them and it comes back with a vengeance other then that it's ok my opinion


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Yea I am it looks delicious but I'll have to wait n see after the cure to give it a test drive I'll post the end weight and pics wen they r ready happy growing fellow growers

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

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Well congrats man , and i am jealous haha.

My problem is i am still to decide and grow it , but i need to assess my circumstances. And i don't really understand much..

b.t.w. , your pictures were an inspiration for me , because u are a beginner too.

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