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First grow/having trouble

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It seems my lower leaves on mainly one of my plants has been getting droopy leaves. Also, one of the lower fan leafs is getting brown and dry.
Strain: amnesia haze
PH: ?
LED lighting 250w
Ventilated with a fan
Temp: 67-74 in the day and 48-55 at night
Humidity: 50-60%
Ferts: miracle grow veg and flower ratios. Fed 4 times with the veg ratio and 1 with flower ratio
Soil: miracle grow
The plants are in their 2nd week of 12/12 (very little hair growth, though they get more everyday)
I water with tap water that I let sit over night before watering to try to lose some of the unwanted stuff


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What is your soil's PH?
Miracle grow isn't good for Cannabis, there are better soils out there to use. Plain potting soil is often better than MG.

If your PH is in the correct range, it looks like it might be a phosphorous deficiency. But don't add nutes until you know your PH. It could also be nutrient lockout. Adding nutes without checking PH can burn your plants and cause more trouble.
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I'm going to buy a ph test kit. Will the soil in the surface be good to test? How should I test ph and keep it at that ph in the future?
night temps are too cold - can you get that up to 65 at night? if not you might want to consider much larger pots to buffer the temp changes. the goal is 65 at night and 80 in the day. also, you will find that miracle grow and other slow release nutes generally lead to problems.
good point, I wouldn't transplant in flower unless it was the only option - those plants don't look bad enough to require drastic measures. just try to get them warmer at night somehow, even if it's just wrapping pots with something.


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PH 7 is a little high. If possible, PH all your water/nutes to 6.0-6.3 and feed with that.
I use General Hydroponics PH down for this purpose.

Agreed with budnoob, night temps should be a little warmer.

You can transplant, but you have to be VERY careful not to let the soil break apart, this will more than likely damage the roots and the plant will go into shock, or worse.
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Thanks to who responded, its a great help! I have a small space heater keeping them at 65-70 at night and 80 in the day.
I will post pictures in a few weeks.
if you're getting bleach spots at 80 your light is too close - 80-85 is just about as perfect as it gets for a daytime temp for most of these ladies.