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First Grow in 18 Years - Pure AK - WWxBB - Pineapple Chunk - Critical Kush


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Well Hello everyone and let me start off by thanking everyone for the information I have gathered from you all in the past 2 months.
I decided to start cultivating again after a 18 year layoff and decided on the following :

Growlab tent 4’x4'x6.6’ (for flowering)
Sun Hut Blackout 40 2’x4’x5’
2 250w CFL (Apollo) bat wing reflectors
1 250w mh (for sun hut Veg) bat wing reflector
1 600w Hortilux bulb w/6” blockbuster reflector
Max fan w/carbon filter
fox farms Ocean forest, happy frog mixed with with 1 bag of perlite per 2 bags
Started using fox farms nutes for the first month, but now I have made the with to Earth Juice

Once the seeds popped I planted into Root Riot cubes left under a dome and kept them moist with a mixture of Mykos and water.
Transplanted to 4x4 sq pots which i used Azos and Mykos during the each transplant
I am growing in 5.75”x5.75”x5.75” containers thru the flowing stage

  1. 10 White Widow x Big Bud seeds-- 8 popped = 7 survived
  2. 5 Critical Kush -- 5 popped = 4 survived
  3. 5 Pure AK seeds-- 5 popped = 4 survived
  4. 3 Orange Bud seeds -- 3 popped and survived
  5. 5 Critical Mass Seeds -- 5 popped 4 survived
  6. 4 Pineapple chunk seeds -- 4 popped and survived

Photos to come


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Here are some photos from week 1



I had them under a 250w CFL with a bat wing reflector at this time


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I Tested my soil yesterday and its falling in between 6.0 - 4.5 depending on what plant I test

I added some Dolomite Lime yesterday to the top of the each soil planter ( 2-3 Tbsp ) per plant which should help balance the PH within a week or so.
I been brewing my Earth Juice mixture ( Grow,Bloom,Catalyst,Micro, meta-k) with air stones for about 24-36 hr's with no change to the PH EVER. However the brews are filled with living microbes ( foaming on top )
I just ordered natural Potassium Bicarbonate to manage the PH in my brew till the PH rises in the soil.


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I had some Nute deficiencies due to low PH, but flushed last Thursday and all looks good. I had a runoff PH today of 6.7 after giving them my earth juice brew.
  • 5ml Grow
  • 10ml Bloom
  • 5ml microblast
  • 2.5ml catalyst
  • 2.5ml Mets-K

I make the brew, chk PH which its usually around 3.9, add 1/2tsp Earth Juice Up, PH around 4.5, Shake well, bubble with air stone for 24-48hr, chi PH which is usually around 5.7-6.3, add UP till it reaches 6.66

Also found some little bug from my Bonsai plant there very tiny and white. Ordered some lady bugs to solve that problem.




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seems like you got everything going in the right direction :thumb:


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Doing my best.. where I screwed up in my opinion was using fox farms grow and big blossom (2-4-8) non organic fertz and using to small of pot ( 3.7Qt ) of the final pot. Most of my plants in flowering are 60cm with some of the WWxBB being at 80cm so i was thinking a pot that small would work, however i just got 2Gal 6mil bags from HTGsupply for the next round.


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Ok Day 36 of 12/12
As I mentioned before I did a few things wrong and I’m trying to correct/ plug the leaks on this batch.

As it turned out I had extreme low PH (4.0 - 5.1 ) in the soil with runoff at 5.7 - 5.8, that i didn’t catch early enough which cause caused Nute lockout then i over fertilized to make it worst, but I have since flushed twice, added some microblast, catalyst, bloom, grow ( all earth juice products ) every other watering( - the microblast only once for that @ 10ml/Gal )and they seem to be reviving and getting fat.

I since bought 2Gal bags Mixed my new soil which I have clones sitting in now

2 parts(2qt’s) Happy Frog Soil
2 Parts Ocean Forest
1 Part Light Warrior
1 Part perlite
1/4 cup dolmite grNULAR lime

The six clones I have in there are looking awesome!!!!
I will going 100% Organic this round.

Here are some photos I took today... you can see the leaves with the burn/nut Def
This is the Pineapple Chunk


This is The Pure AK

the room





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just over 5 weeks whats the bloom time on those ?


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just over 5 weeks whats the bloom time on those ?

They are all supposed to be 6-8 weeks, but some are way behind the main crop mostly the WWxBB.
The Critical Kush, Critical Mass and Pure AK are just fat as hell right now and may finish early
A few look close. I’m going to look at them thru my mag glasses tomorrow and check out the tricomes.
I’ll take some good closeup photos tomorrow as well.



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was just curious seemed like its maybe a couple weeks off on some of them
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