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First Grow In 6 Years!


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After I transplanted into 2 gal pots I fed them their first nutrients. #1 got 7 grams of maxibloom, #2 got a top dressing of geoflora organic nutes,#3 got nothing just pit into FFoF soil, #4 got its first round of Prescription blend nutes. So far looks like they love it. Stay tuned.


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Hello everyone, it has been awhile, I was in Panama for a couple of weeks and had to leave the care of the plants to my sister. Long story ahort 2 of the girls didnt make it however the two oldest ones are thriving. They started flowering while i was gone. I have got to say i was very surprised by how much they stretched in such a short amount of time i habe to adjuat my lights all the way to the top of the tent. One of the girls has been getting fed maxibloom, and the other prescription blend nutes. I wish i could jave been around to train the girls so they would have been shorter but i am just happy to still have a crop at this point.





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