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First Grow In Years

Hello, new to this place. First time growing indoors and first time growing auto as well. Have not grown in a number if years jumped back in with auto flowering northern lights and am currently coming up to week 7. I was able to prolong veg for a little while and at day 47 (this morning) my plants have entered pre flower. Most if what I've read says pre flower starts around day 30 to 35, if memory serves. I replanted them today because the buckets were not full enough of soil. I replaced the garden staples today as well. Anyways, just wanted to say hello and hope to see other's great grows.

*note: they look rough right this second because of replanting them today.*


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Welcome to 420,UnkillableHotdog! :welcome:

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I just harvested a couple of autos-they were fun to grow,and worked out well in my smallish grow space.
You should consider starting a journal,so we can follow along .
Your procedure for prolonging veg is interesting, but you hardly know me,so I'll wait awhile to ask you how you did that:)


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Nice, you can make a link to it in your sig very easily by going to that page, copying the url, clicking on your name in the top black line, clicking on "signature" and adding the link with the add link button there. Remember to type the name in the text box because it will show up like "http://420mag..." otherwise instead of the actual text of the name.
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