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First Grow Indoor - Raspberry Cough - Mystery Seeds - CFL/MH/HPS


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Hey all! Been a lurker on this site for the last couple months, gathering info, planning, and getting ready for my first indoor grow. Seen alot of amazing techniques, defiantly a shout out to Light Addict, Keep preaching brother, cause everything you say is GOLD! Anyways, Started all this with a bunch of seeds I've saved over time. Here's a bit of info to catch you guys up to where i am. We're about two weeks in so far, from germination.

What strain is it?

Currently have all mystery seeds, seems to be a combination of Indica's and Sativa's. Also have a clone i got for free when i bought my light setup (nifty, huh? :p) Now from what the guy told me, it's Girl scout cookies, and seeings how i live close to the bay area, I'm just going to be hopeful. Also Ordered 5 Fem Raspberry Cough seeds from BuyDutchSeeds.com, still waiting for them to show up, has anyone ever bought seeds from them before? Would love to hear your experience with them, and defiantly how the seeds turned out! The threw in ten free seeds, indica and sativa mix.

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Unknown/Combination. If you could help me identify, please do!

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?

Veg stage

If in Veg... For how long?

2 weeks from germination

Indoor or outdoor?

Indoor, spare bedroom

Soil or Hydro?


If soil... what is in your mix?

Fox Farms Ocean Forest

If soil... What size pot?

1l to 2gallon

Size of light?

4 23W 6500K CFL's, Sunblaze T5HO 6500K 4' 4Bulb, Nextgen 400/600watt electronic ballast, plantmax 7200K MH and Hydrofarm Luminare Hood with 6" duct line

Is it aircooled?

Through the room, into the hood, into 6"duct, 6" inline exhaust fan, and carbon homemade filter in the end of it, exiting the window. Also two oscillating fans, and my living room air conditioner. lol will be adding a intake fan built into the door and real carbon filters for each as money allows.

Temp of Room/cab? 72-89F

RH of Room/cab? 40-65%

PH of media or res? Don't have a meter yet

Any Pests ? one spider brought in on the clone, and immediately removed from the room, one ant, and one really annoying fly.

How often are you watering? 4 days or when pots are light

Type and strength of ferts used? None yet

Now that i've caught you guys up, here's a peek at the room and what's going on so far!

First, the room. ALOT of work, and had to sacrifice the dj room to create it, but i'm loving it so much right now it's hard to notice.





And these are the one's I'm assuming to be Sativa maybe you guys could answer:


And the Indica's. Once again, correct me if you see something i'm not experienced enough to notice/do


And then the four mystery seeds from my brother(supposedly came from the club) not sure what they are yet, but growing insanely fast. planted almost a week after the others


And here's the daily averages


And a little bit of relaxation is needed


Thank you all in advance for subbing, and for the advice, help, and many things you've already done/continue to do! Was planning on not telling/posting/speaking a word about any of this to anyone, but this community has changed my mind, and since I'm a Prop-215 patient, maybe it's time to show a little support for what we love without getting reprimanded.

One love everyone, and you guys at 420magazine kick ass!


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Re: First Grow Indoor GSC(?),Raspberry Cough, Mystery Seeds CFL/MH/HPS

And now, this is where things start to get fun! guess what showed up in the mail when i got home! Already germing 3 raspberry cough, and 6 mystery seeds from buydutchseeds.




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so, thinking of getting a new bulb for the 400/600 watt. Am trying to decide between a 400watt and a 600watt MH for veg, looking at the plantmax 7200k. Still undecided, any suggestions?


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So just an update, decided to stay with my current plantmax bulb for now after some seriously shady undertakings at the local hydro store. Got the Raspberry Cough and mystery seeds from BDS all germinated, and a few of them are already poking out to say hello. Few itty bitty tiny spots on my leafs, tell me if you think it's serious. Here's where we're at!











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Nothing serious. :goodjob::popcorn:


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Thanks! Lol any help is greatly appreciated and needed. and thank's for stopping by, I've actually stayed pretty up on your new city grower thread, and just started getting into the 2.0 one.

Bud Diamond

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Hey DJ what's happening? I see your off to a nice start. Makes you feel so good when your beans germinate quickly and pop up fast. Some people make germing a seed so complicated, when its not. Also I think the lights you have are more than enough for veg, so I wouldn't worry about them. Whats your lighting plan for flower? Oh, and one more thing, I think traditionally fatter leaves means Indica, and skinnier leaves mean sativa. If I'm wrong about that then a more seasoned grower will correct me soon LOL


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How's it goin everybody! Hey bud Diamond, thanks for taggin along for the experience! Let's hope i don't **** this up! So far, everything is looking great! Gotten pretty hot out here in California, been pushing 90's all week, and the temps in the plantmansion (my grow rooms name, still working on it) have gotten a little higher than I've wanted, but nothing out of hand! So here's what's new!

The Raspberry cough seeds sprouted, now have little green and purple speckles on them, pretty nifty looking stuff! I lost one of them, and only planted 3/5 of the cough's, so hopefully the other two stay strong and healthy


Only little thing I'm worried about is the slight discoloration of this leaf cluster:


Also been doing alot of LST'ing on the Cookies Clone save, she's looking SO much better than before:


Tried my hand at fimming two of the bigger gal's, but not the biggest. We'll see how successful i am, will do my full review on fimming as we go. Also going to use Light addict's method of Tuting a few, and i'll probably flux one, and crop another. Did a little defoliating/getting rid of spotty leaves/ stripped up a few nodes, all leaving time in between for a little healing. Not adding any nutes yet, it's been a little over two weeks. Using FFOF, so i think I'm good for now. Question, I'm not testing my Run Off water, but im ussing distilled gallons, and not adding any nutes yet. Will defiantly start testing when i use nutes. Once again, if you see something i don't, feel free to chime in!

Here's the rest of the pics for the day!



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Hey DJ!

Just stopped in to let ya know that your little girls all seem to be off to a nice start! I am excited to follow this journal! I had one quick question about your setup however. It seems like you are germinating your seeds and what not in the same room that you're vegging in. I wanted to know what light cycle your veggies are on?

On a side note, Raspberry Cough is dank, good choice of seeds.

Happy growing!
-Max (MaxYields)


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Tha ks! They are vegging in the same room, everything is on a 20/1 cycle, waiting to see how bad the bill Is, depending I'll witch it to either 20/4 or 18/6, when the old lady freaks at the bill lol. Also still deciding between flower lighting ideas


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subbed....Thanks for the invite DJ! What a difference a real light makes. My seedlings are just about the same age as your plants. They have been under a small CFL and out in the sun thanks to uninvited in-laws that have moved into my grow room for the last 10 days.


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No problem! Lighting is key, from what I've seen, so I didn't skimp! LED's are fun and all, but I'd rather have a tried, simple, and true method of lighting, the heat i can deal with. Looking forward to checking out your grow and see how the little seedlings are doin! Will check in often once you get it off the ground! Feel free to post the link here when it's up so i can jump on it!


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Your girls look great! I've been a little disappointed with the size of my plants from checking out other grows but I think the heat stunned them a bit. I probably should have done some more reading and setup before I started themlike you but I was just anxious to get the lights up and get the seeds in soil.

I've got that same light green on some of my newer growth to. Gonna watch your journal to see what you find.


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Indoor grows can be fun, unless you have room the plants won't get massive, but you can harvest quite a bit I have found. My boyfriend has an indoor setup with all LED lights, they are very effective!

That Raspberry Cough sounds fab! Another strain I will probably try out eventually :)


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@PearlDark I've got a pretty decent amount of room, it's the spare bedroom, so it works pretty well!:) I like the concept of LED's, and they sure do look good under that red light! Call me old fashioned though, cause i am LOVING my 400W MH 7200k. this thing has been kicking ass, the growth is extremely impressive.

@keepsten I'll let you know if i figure it out or if it changes in any way.

As for the Raspberry Cough:):):) extremly excited about this one, and i've heard AMAZING things about it. Here's the bio on it. Pretty much going to be the cream of the crop so far, along with the cookies.

Raspberry Cough:

With its distinct, invigorating yet cool and calm effects, Raspberry Cough is one of the most highly suggested medical marijuana plants. Its origins trace back to a Cambodian landrace variety that features high THC levels, and the father Ice, another award-winning strain. Raspberry Cough is a first generation hybrid with overflowing red hairs and susceptibility to produce blue colour in cooler temperatures. Raspberry Cough's scent and taste have a touch of Asian spice but the Dutch marijuana flavour is still very evident. This tall and thin plant variety can be cultivated closely together for great yields of superior quality cannabis.

600 / 700 (g/m²

Long (65 - 75 days)


I think I'll be deciding between two different lighting setups for Flower:

1. Add another Sunblaze t5HO 4' 4bulb, and have the HPS in the middle, switched over to 600Watts

Or adding a second 400 watt HPS, leave them both at 400 and leaving the t5 in the middle. Any suggestions?

It'd be pulling 1100 watts either way i guess. Meh. looks like i've just answered my own question, but I'd still like some input.
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