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First Grow - Indoor - Super Lemon Haze


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I'm starting my first grow this fall for personal use and I figured I would keep a journal of it and hopefully gain some knowledge and advice along the way. I planted 3 germinated Super Lemon Haze seeds one week ago.

Right now I don't have many materials, but here's what I got so far:

- I took a shoe rack and covered it with mylar
- added 2 Sunblaster T5HO - COMPLETE KIT 2' 24W 6400K lights to the middle rack
- (Temporarily) using a regular fan as ventilation.
- Using normal potted soil
- Using Flora Nova Grow as a nutrient

I don't have a lot of room where I'm growing and yield is not a concern, so I plan to start LST soon hopefully using this method http://www.------------.com/lbh-4-way-lst-tutorial.

Here are some photos of my setup. One of the lights wasn't secured initially and fell on the plants for a few hours which is probably what the discolouration on some of the leaves are from.



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