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First Grow Journal - Sour Diesel - OG Kush


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Hey everybody, I'm a first time grower and a first time grow journalist. Been getting tips from the page since the day I came up with the crazy idea to turn a 2'5" x 2' x 8' closet into a little grow space, so after a couple months of reading other people's journals I said fuck it and decided to start my own.

Before I go on here are my ladies.....


2 OG Kush seeds
Germinated 19 days ago in rapid rooter cubes where they stayed for a week then put in 3 gallon smart pots (Final, only transplant). I use a basic organic soil. 0-0-0


3 Sour Diesel Plants. Day 22 of flower (12/12 switch if my terms are correct). Same soil as above, I use Nectar for the gods organic nutrient line. I kind of made up own topping method, I'm sure others have used it and possibly named it but I vegged for a few weeks then topped, leaving for branches which later grew to be healthy, then topped again. Shooting for 8 tops. Give or take about 16 tops i have going on. Day 22 after the 12/12 switch should I have more sign of bud? I have the hairs and everything at the beggining of the nodes, had em for a while, am I being impatient or is something up?

It's a small operation. With many limitations. I have one goal, is to maximize yield with the limited space I have but have the best quality smoke possible. Flavor, potency, and organic.

I veg with MarsHydro 400W and I bloom with Advanced Platinum LED P300
As I wanted to be efficient, have low heat issue, and try some modern technology or something I don't know. Curiosity I guess. Any comments on LEDs or the LEDs I've chosen?

Any questions, opinions, or observations would be appreciated. I will try to post weekly with updates and any questions I have. Happy growing. - BillChief


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It's difficult to see whats going on under that light, but from what I can see it looks good. Congrats


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Nice job so far, from what I can see :thumb:
though the one thing I have noticed with my grow anyway is that until you turn off the LEDs and run white light, it is very hard to see if your plants are having any kinds of issues. I inspect each plant daily right after my 1st cup of coffee, to look for such things as spider mites, or any other issues the girls maybe having. While doing that I find it best to use white light since our eyes are designed to see clearer using that spectrum. Once I am done, I turn my LEDs, and fans back on. The main advantage to taking your pictures under white light is sometimes like in my case, a fellow member may see something in the picture you, or in my case I missed.
Looking forward to how your grow finishes up. Looks like you are 11 days behind me on our grow. I am on day 33.

Keep up the good work, nice looking garden:bravo:

Nicholas Flamel

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Morning Chief. As oldergrower said, looking good. You picked some legendary strains. I just started an og kush and a sour diesel also. I was wondering which seedbank your seeds came from? My og is from Humbolt Seed Organization. My sour D is from a private breeder. I am interested to see what your girls can do. Subbed


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Hey everybody, hasn't been a week exactly but I thought it'd be a good time to update the journal. I had to go out of town leaving my grow alone for 5 days. I had a little bit of time to plan for the trip so I had fed really well the morning I took off. I know the plants would have the pots sucked dry by day 2 or 3. I had a buddy water a little bit on day 4. at least he says.

If he watered or not, whatever; this is what I came home too.


Very sad. Some sort of deficiency, and one top with lighter green leaves than others. I'm not really sure to what I'm facing yet due to the fact my ladies are sleeping. I batched up some food for them and they instantly came back to life. I'll update in the morning. I'm also wondering if something is up, I'm approaching a month since I've made the switch to 12/12 and I don't really have any bud structure. Am I doing something wrong? Impatient ? The strain?

Now for my 2nd grow: the babies, OG Kushh


Nothing really new with them. Seedlings or preveg. Not real sure on the technical term. Waiting longer to begin own feedthe my schedule. When I feed my sour diesels, and have extra water I'll add more water to weaken the strength of the the food and give it to them but that's about it.

I'll post more tomorrow morning. A better update and more pictures of how all the girls are doing.

Happy growing
- Bill Chief


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I take it you've switched to bloom nutes a while back already.

Those yellow/rust coloured spots on some of the leaves is likely a calcium deficiency. Maybe add a bit of calmag as well.


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Pictures from this morning. They're doing alright, I'm thinking tomorrow they'll be back in action.
I have a bottle named semesters destiny which is liquid calcium. Which has mag. In it as well. I used it normally but with my previous, I just did, I used more. The line is calcium based. I could get technical about it but I'm hoping it was just the 2 days where the pots were extra dry.



Day 28 of flower. The Sour Diesels.
After thanksgiving I'm hoping to set the closet up, put Mylar back up. And clean it up some more. Little TLC.

Have any of you used nectar for the gods? Or what are your sour diesel experiences.

Any questions or comments would be appreciated.
Happy growing
- Bill Chief

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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