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First grow! Just a few questions - Thanks


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This will be my first time growing. I have recently purchased 5 Afghani Seeds. My last grow was a failure due to overwatering.

1: Should I soak my seed starting soil in distilled water prior to planting the germinated seeds?
2: After the seeds are germinated and planted in soil, at what point will I give it direct sunlight? I was told
that after the germinated seeds were planted into the soil, that I should place them on a window sill in direct
3: At what point should I give my plants the proper nutes and implant them into the soil?
4: Does anyone use Black Kow compost to grow their plants? I've heard good things about it and bad.




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Re: First grow! Just a few questions. Thanks.

I just make sure my soil is evenly damp and stays just damp when i plant my germinated seeds. What soil will you be using? This will impact when you add nutes. As far as when to give full direct sun I would say to do some research and decide which method you prefer. I know some people prefer to start under fluorescent then harden and I have a buddy that starts his from the beginning in solo cups on a table outside and just up pots them. As for the black kow. It's perfectly fine as long as you plan to use it as an amendment to soil and not just by itself.
Re: First grow! Just a few questions. Thanks.

It doesn't have to be distilled water. Just soak them overnight. Since I grow outside, I try to give my seedlings as much sun as possible right away. Giving seedlings nutes too early a good way to kill them. I usually wait until they have a least two sets of true leaves. (The first leaf set is called cotyldon. They're embryo leaves that nourish the plant before it grows true leaves.) Use half the dosage recommended for adult plants.

Regarding your over watered crop, buy some wooden skewers from the store - the kind you make shish kaboobs with. Once your seeds have sprouted and have true leaves, stick a skewer in each pot and trim it off about a 1/2 inch or so above soil level. When you think it maybe time to water, pull the skewer out of the soil and feel it for dampness. If it's not dry half way down, wait a day or two before watering.

Good luck with this years grow.


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Thank you newbie for the insight. I might just start them in my window sill and let them harden a little first, they get plenty of sunlight and also a breeze most likely. And thanks fools paradise, I will go buy skewers tomorrow! That's a great idea. I have black kow, lime, bone meal, the earthworm stuff and organic mix. I'll buy some perlite tomorrow. Should I wait to add the lime, bonemeal, and earthworm stuff with the true leaves show?

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Lime, bone meal and earthworm castings are organic soil additives and won't burn your seedlings like Miracle Grow added to water can do. When to set them out depends on a variety of things. Night time temps that are consistently in the 50F/10C means chance of frost has passed. If you can visit them frequently, then you can set them out when they're smaller. But if you think you won't be able to check them for several days, wait until they're bigger. I like to wait until they're at least 12inches/30cm because I have a lot of critters to contend with. But if you have privacy issues at your house, you may not be able to wait that long.
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