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First Grow - Minimalist Grow - Fall 2014


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Alright, so this my first time growing, or posting, ever.

I decided to try my hand at growing so I ordered some seeds. My decision on which kind of seeds to choose came from research on flowering time and reviews of strain characteristics, both in high type and quality, and in ease of growing/rate of success.

So, after over analyzing and researching way too much, I finally decided on White Label Northern Lights Automatic Autoflowering Feminized Seeds, Dinafem Feminized Sour Diesel Autofowering Seeds, Vision Super Skunk Feminized Autoflowering Seeds, and by a brain fart on my part (rhymes lol) I ordered a THC Bomb Feminized but is not an Auto. I think I'm probably just going to start them all together and then decide later if I'm going to do the Autos at 12/12 or move it into another room. (Leaning towards latter)

After extensive reading and youtubing, I decided the best way for me to start learning and making my own amendments from experience is to go bare bones, as minimalist as possible. So, to that I will be growing in soil, in my bathroom, with four 100 watt CFLs, with Vitoro organic soil mixed 50-60% perlite.

I realize a lo-fi grow may go against what a lot of people are doing, but it's my plan for not screwing up my first time.

Well, the little seeds came in the mail today and are all paper toweled up and sitting on a windowsill waiting for some morning sunlight to wake them up.

Let's see how this goes. :wood:

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a note (or question) on your lighting... when you say "100 watt CFLs" are you referring to what it says on the package "equivalent to 100w incandescent" but actually draws around 23w (might say 23w=100w depending on the brand)? if so, then what you have is four 23w CFLs... not nearly enough for multiple plants. most of us CFL growers consider 100w (ACTUAL watts) to be the minimum PER PLANT... with most of us going more than that. My cabinet has 8 sockets that I currently run 184w in veg and will change out to 250w for flower. I currently only have plans to grow one plant at a time, but from what I've seen around here of other grows, I could probably do 2-3 without a problem, other than having to run higher wattage bulbs in my existing sockets.

Also, since CFLs are a little less efficient than HPS, you'll want to change out your bulbs for the appropriate color (listed on the package as a K value) to maximize the benefits of each. You'll want more of a blue-white light for veg stage (5000k-6500k) which will most likely be called "bright white" or "daylight". Then when you switch to 12/12 for flower, change them out for something more in the yellow-red range (2700k-3500k) usually labeled "warm white". these changes mimic the colors coming from the sun in various seasons.

For your situation, you can get spring clamp lights fairly cheap at Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes. Also at HD & Lowes you can get socket Y-splitters to run 2 bulbs in 1 lamp. Both of these solutions (by themselves or combined with each other) would better suit your needs... and after this run if you decide you don't want to continue growing for any reason, then you've got some spare lightbulbs for around the house, and a couple clamp work lights for your basement or garage ;)

Good luck


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Thanks for the responses.
The bulbs I have are at 6500K and I was under the impression from nosing around that that's about what you want per plant, would you say this is correct? (or it's entirely possible I misunderstood that)

Also, I do have nutrients for both veg and flowering stages, since I believe I understood that you need two different ratios of nutrients for each stage. I do have a pH meter as well and believe I saw you want your soil to be around 6.5 pH. The scope is on order from amazon since I knew I wouldn't need it right away.

I was also contemplating covering the surface underneath of the plants with a reflective medium (like tin foil or something similar) to try and get more light reflecting back up to the under layer of foliage.

Sorry I wasn't more specific in identifying all my supplies in the original post, like I said, first time posting. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it as time goes on.


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6500K is what you want for Veg. It reproduces colors similar to what you'd see in the spring or summer, bright bright sun colors.

When you flower, it's suggested, and preferred by some to switch to 2700K bulbs, which simulate the red shades of sunlight.

I personally grow with a mixed spectrum of both. For your grow you won't have any problems using half of each color temperature.

It sounds like you're in good shape with nutes. The plants will use less of some nuutes, and more of others in different stages, so the fact that you have that is a great start, but remember you typically won't need to start feeding until 3-4 weeks, and start slow to make sure you don't burn the plants.

PH meter. Check! Good man! A lot of folks overlook the importance of it (As I did when I started).

To make the most of your lights, I suggest topping and/or LST to grow them flat. I haven't used any lower reflective surfaces, so I can't speak for their benefits/drawbacks.

No worries man! Everyone forgets PH meters, so we're all used to asking about it. It really helps a lot, especially when/if you run into problems.

Other than that, it sounds like you have your head on straight here, so lets see some kick ass growth in this journal!

Good luck brother!


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Day 2 - germinating

Checked on my little seeds in the windowsill and they are just starting to get a little white root popping out!
It's interesting because the Northern Lights is clearly the most progressed and both of the sativa's I'm growing are just barely starting to poke out. I know in the realm of sativa vs indica the indicas tend to have a shorter grow time anyways so I'm interested to see if then, being the furthest along right off the bat if the Northern Lights will finish first out of all the plants.

I'm probably going to let them sit a couple more days and then it'll be into the soil!

I did some reading and a few people strongly suggested in their experience with autos to just plant them right into the final container they will grow in rather than trying to re-pot due to autos shorter grow period they said it gives them less time to recover from re-pot so going directly into the final container causes less stress on the plants overall during their life period.

Will probably report in again when plants are safely in their new homes in a couple days. :)


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Transplanting was a concern for me on my first grow with Auto seeds. I planted direct to their final home after germination, but I was reading many journals with successful grows that do transplant from solo cups and such. I guess how much of an inhibitor it can be is predicated upon many factors, but I haven't seen any catastrophes. Good luck with the grow!


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Day 3 Update

Yesterday evening when I checked on my little seeds it looked like 3 of 4 were very ready to go into the soil, so last night all except for the THC Bomb went into their pots. I think I'm going to wait a couple more days on the THC Bomb seed and if it doesn't do anything else I might just try and start germinating a different seed.

This morning when I checked on them Super Skunk and Northern Lights had broken the surface.
Super Skunk is beating out Northern Lights now with it's little leaves.



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Day 6 (i think)

Not too much to comment on for the last couple days. The THC bomb is a very slow germinator. I wondered if this was because she is a photo vs an auto but the strain is supposed to be a pretty quick grow anyways.

The main thing of note has been something interesting with the super skunk. It seems to have two stalks. Obviously this is my first grow so I don't have much to go on, but my others have all so far grown up with one stalk. You can kind of see what I mean in the pic. I couldn't get a great vantage point but what you see is coming out of two different places in the soil.


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I know it looks like it should be 2 seeds but this has actually come out of the same seed and it only had one big white root when I planted it. You can't see it due to the poor vantag point, but though seperate stalks they come close to coming out of the same place in the soil. Mutation possibly? Or unless it was a weird double seed or something, looked the same as the others to me. I'd like to check out what the roots are looking like but don't want to disturb it either.

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