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First Grow Mixed Bag - LA Confidential - Super Cheese Grow Journal


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So its pretty much my first grow (I've been "practicing" with a few random seeds I found for 3 weeks now) and I've picked up a mixed bag of seeds containing LA Confidential seeds, Super Cheese seeds and another unknown chronic strain from a friend.

This is a breakdown of the setup:
Strain - LA Confidential, Super Cheese and unknown strain.
Strain Type - Indica
# of Seeds - 5
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Germination/ Seedling
Lights Seedling - 1080Lumen Fluorescent
Lights Vegging - 250W Metal Halide
Nutrients - SeaGro Organic Plant Food
Medium - Roughly 50% Worm castings 25% Potting soil 25% Perlite
PH - Still Testing
Room Temperature - 68F to 78F
Room Square Footage - 2'x 2'x 4' = 16
Pests - None Known

LA Confidential, Super Cheese and Unknown


Some Goods

"Practice" Plants

24 Days old "Practice" plants


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Its been 5 days since this young one went into soil, but havent seen much growth at all recently, not sure why? :/ Maybe im just being impatient. Could I be stunting the growth by having her under a 250W MH so young? She's about 10 inches below the light.

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